9 thoughts on “Beyonce, Nicole Richie, and Michelle Obama Top People Magazine’s Best Dressed List”

  1. I think Rihanna should have won for Street Chic. I think Bey’s street chic is always sampling from Rihanna’s style anyway.

  2. JOY….I’m with you. I feel beyonce street style leaves alot to be desired. Rhianna hands down has when it comes to the style game she’s got that on lock. I googled fashion icon and sara jessica parker comes up and Rhianna.

  3. Rihanna’s outfits aren’t at all always wearable for everyone but Beyonce’s I can rock. She has style that just about everyone can appreciate the majority of the time. Rihanna looks cute and fashionable but Beyonce has classic glam taste. On the other hand Beyonce kills Rihanna in every other way (voice, performance, love life etc) so maybe they should have given this one to ur girl;-) But I digress!

  4. Maybe they didn’t want to applaud the street style of someone who likes to flaunt nipple rings in (and out of) sheer shirts.


    Congrats to these ladies.

    Beyonce has really stepped it up lately, although the outfit above is a miss for me (individual pieces: yes, altogether: not so much). I think that has more to do with her finally being on trend (not copying Rihanna, who is often keeping up w/ trends herself) instead of wearing all of her mother’s design whims.

    Michelle always looks lovely. I’d want my mother to dress like her. And Nicole has definitely been an adorable, fashionable mommy-to-be.

    And I googled “voice of this generation” one time, and Kanye came up. Does that make it true? Hope not, Mona.

  5. Nicole Richie had great personal style period, not just great maternity style, she doesn’t need a personal stylist or glam squad, I love her effortless bohemian vibe, she doesn’t have to try to be it cause she is it.

    Mrs. Obama is classic! Loves it!

    Beyonce doesn’t have great personal style what-so-ever, I laughed when I saw that she topped People’s magazine Best Dressed List, so typical, I to think that Rhianna’s style game is more on point than Beyonce’s. Beyonce dresses and looks like she’s been styled, Rhianna on the hand seems to pull it off better, it’s believable not so much with Beyonce, I will admit her “style team” seems to have stepper her game up a bit but no, her personal style leaves much to be desired, I just saw a picture a couple of weeks ago and Beyonce was rocking some shorts, the blousy boho top w/ vest, cute little black hat, funky pair of boots, something about it just looked copied, and soo not her, and then I was like hey that is exactly what Kate Moss was rocking a few days before, but on Kate pulle it off, it looked something Kate Moss would wear for hew own personal style, Beyonce’s styles just looks like she copies whatever is in “Shop Bop Lookbook” or “Stylebop Lookbook” or pictures of other celebrities with great personal style, I personally thing that Kelly and Solange have much better personal than Beyonce, I agree 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, maybe People and In Style magazine should come up with awards for “Best Stylist To the Stars”.

    @ Fenique no need for the whole rant about “On the other hand Beyonce kills Rihanna in every other way (voice, performance, love life etc)” it’s irrelevant to the post any way, both ladies are successful in their own right.

    “Beyonce has classic glam taste” Oh really? LMAO!!! Beyonce has Ty and Mama Tina….”glam taste” still laughing at that…

  6. Like I said beyonce has glamourous taste. She’s all about the glamour, sequin and over the top! I love it! Rihanna is successful for having 1 very successful cd after two prior attempts and for dressing extremely trendy. Some even refer to her as a fashionista… Notariety for who u are (what u look like etc) and notariety for the work you produce are two completely diff things. Hmmmmmmm…With that being said Blaqcurrent no need to go so hard we all hav different opinions.

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