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Adri here with my review of yesterday’s Tory Burch Spring 2010 presentation.


Normally, the protocol in the tents is that you display your line in a runway show but this season, TB decided to do something a little different and introduced her Spring collection as a presentation, instead.


The presentation format, in which the looks are displayed all at once and models stand stationary, gained momentum last season and carried over to this one as designers attempt to keep the production costs of shows down. I for one love it: it’s more intimate and allows you to get a much better feel for the pieces, not to mention that it often puts you in close proximity to fashionables you’d usually be rows and rows away from.


That’s Tory taking Vogue‘s Anna Wintour and Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo through the collection, something you’d never get this close to at a usual show. Anna’s bodyguards were not a game (too many memorable PETA moments to be otherwise, I’m sure) and cleared people out with no mercy, but it was still fun to see her walking around and taking in the collection just like the rest of us. Enough of the scene, though–what about the clothes?


Burch delivered her usual, friendly Upper East Side-meets-Boho sensibility and there were some wonderful gems in the collection, especially amongst the accessories.


The pieces I liked most were a bronze metallic skirt/blue Oxford shirt combo that embody the SoHo Girl/Gossip Girl look Burch does so well. I also enjoyed a wide belt with a figurine-laden buckle made of enamel, as well as a short khaki trench jacket that seems perfect for spring weather.


The colors Burch used are among my favorite for spring: bold yet simple tones that aren’t overdone with the typical staples of the seasons, florals and pastels. She also incorporated leather a lot, which is not a fabric you associate with warmer weather but the skins were so light  and well-treated that they did indeed seem feasible for the season. Also: *loved* the diversity of the models used. And there were some cute shoe selections to boot:


The moccasins have that kind of “so ugly they’re cute” quality going on, and look perfect to throw together with some jeans and a cute top for a spring afternoon in the park.
I thought it was strong showing for Tory Burch–what do y’all think?

10 thoughts on “Show Review: Tory Burch Spring 2010”

  1. I agree the presentation format with the stationary models is great. It allows for us to get a better feel for the collection. I really like the accessories in this collection.

  2. Clothing wise I think this is my favorite in FWNY so far! that must have been to actually mingle with the likes of Anna.
    Was there music? did the models walk the runway then stand still? Could the models talk?

  3. …understated styling until the collection got to the geisha belt fashioned on the asian model. no dice.

  4. @fridaholic: I noticed that, too, and thought they went left there. Can’t even make the argument that it’s social commentary/ironic because she doesn’t strike me as a wink-and-a-nod type designer. Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. I think this was a very strong showing. The accessories and shoes are really cute. As much as fashion can be about inspiration and what not, I love and appreciate wear-ability, how the runway translates to real life. I think Tory Burch’s collection does this even with the very bold ensembles. I think Tory Burch’s show represents the feminine bonafide city girl – whose just a little rough because of her city side.

    Presentation seems so much better and it still allows for creativity. I think a lot more designers will jump onto this, perhaps “sprucing” up the interior design.

    *whew* Great Post Adriana!


  6. I’m pretty sure that’s a Hopi Kachina figure, not a Geisha. Still questionable as an accessory, but a different culture.

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