So when I was thinking of who should be The Fashion Bomb’s pick for Fashionista Extraordinaire 2007 (aka the Diva with the Flyest Style), I knew there were a lot of contenders.
Would it be Beyonce, whose name makes it to Mail Bombs almost every week….


….with style scouts yearning to duplicate her look?

Kerry Washington….
…who seems to live on the party circuit with a bevy of hot frocks in her quiver?
Or someone a little bit subdued, like socialite Genevieve Jones…
….who makes it to all the see-and-be-seen events, but tends to escape your typical gossip blogs?
After some serious thought, and looking at who you guys request the absolute *most* for Mail Bombs, I must say that this years Fashionista Extraordinaire is….
Yep it is. Why?
This Caribbean Queen has been working everything from glamazon frocks…
…to more casual yet super cute sweater dresses…
…and the hottest winter coats…
…with undeniable style since the beginning of the year.
She truly mixes it up and manages to do it all, from rocker chic….
…to more classic items with a twist….

…while looking absolutely flawless.
While she might shop straight off the runway on some occasions in favorites like Gucci and Zac Posen…
…in other situations, you can tell that she takes the stylistic reins and works it out on her own.
Also, the true test of an Uber Fashionista: Style doesn’t even stop…
…with a boot on her foot.
So Kudos to you, Rihanna…
…for rocking it out Fashion Bomb style for the ’07.
Do you agree?
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*I leave on a jet plane tonight for Atlanta. I’m bringing my black lappy, and will try to update, but…no promises!
*Mary J. Blige and Patti Labelle don’t care a stitch about Peta, do they?
…they rocked floor length furs at Mary’s album release party last night in NYC.
I’ll confess: I’m looking to rock a cute, short fur for New Years and My Birthday (Mark your calendars, January 12th!). But I’m thinking of getting something vintage…somehow a used fur seems more ethical? Or perhaps I’m delusional…
*Calling All Designers!
The Uptown Emerging Designers Market (UEDM) is a monthly market that will take place at the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem starting in February 2008. The UEDM will allow up-and-coming designers a fun and profitable environment to display their talents and sell their creations to the general public. Whether you’re a designer of clothing, jewelry, bags, interior decor or more, the UEDM offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your designs! In addition to a selection of exclusive clothing & accessories, the UEDM will include great music, cocktails, and an engaging exhibit provided by the Hip Hop Culture Center.
For more information about vending opportunities or to be added to the UEDM mailing list, please contact UptownEDM@gmail.com .
*Deal of the Day:
Frye Sunny Pleated Short Boots, $124, shopbop.com