So another weekly ritual I enjoy: Style Files.
For the most part, I keep it positive, exalting the unparalleled chic of fashionistas like Tracee Ellis Ross….

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tyra Banks
..and even Hip Hop Girlfriends
But sometimes, I have to do a Style Intervention for those women who just can’t seem to get it right. I did one in May of this year for tennis pro Serena Williams. Let’s recap:
...Serena is gorgeous, talented, and has a body I would *kill* for…and as I wrote here, her match style is fly. But while she dominates the court in bold colors and body skimming dresses…

…her red carpet choices are a bit…suspect. Let’s take a look:

This dress, in a word, is gorgeous, but unfortunately the cut makes her look a little, well…masculine. While sleeveless styles should work for her, the armholes shine a spotlight on her toned, muscular arms…

This shift dress is dull, and unflattering….

…and the cut on the top of this dress makes her look more ‘ironman‘ than superwoman. She’s worked too hard for her body to cover it up, but there are styles she can adopt to look a tad more feminine.
Not the harshest criticisms, but I knew that Serena could definitely do better.

Now….I don’t know if Serena reads The Fashion Bomb or what, but ever since maybe late July, Serena has been in deliciously chic frocks that work for her body while also playing up her femininity.
She sports the occasional strapless, along with a sleek black cut and strappy shoes…
Looks party perfect in deep plum halter necks that taper in at the knees….
And though she still loves to showcase her arms, she’s amped up the girly factor in dresses that are just short enough with hems that pouf out a bit around mid thigh…
Two snaps for style!
Now if only she could help her sister….
Just kidding. But not really.
Anyway, congrats to Serena for the Biggest Style Evolution of 2007!
She’s the bomb, y’all.
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*I must also recognize Ms. Alicia Keys, who was a ‘Style Evolution’ subject of a post dated June 12, 2007.
Her look has changed a bunch over the years….
… But her transformation was definitely more gradual; Serena really turned herself around in a matter of 6 months!
At any rate, kudos to both ladies, and mad props to their fabulous stylists:)
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  1. great blog posting.. black is really beautiful… nowadays more blac singers became successful like Rhianna, Beyonce , Alicia Keys and many more.. not only in the arts of music but also in fashion industry…

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