One of the smartest things you can do with your additional funds is to spend it on a designer watch of the finest standard with the latest styles, designed with the requirements of a sophisticated woman in view. 

In this article, we take a look at the offerings of some of the world’s finest fashion houses, and identify a few items that are glamorous and also a sound investment.

Cartier – Tank Française Watch

Cartier’s Tank Française is a show stopper. Introduced in 1996, it was instantly famous thanks to its compact square design and chain-link wristband. It’s a wristwatch that’s never supposed to go out of fashion, and it’s a perfect acquisition, too. 

Any piece of jewellery is automatically improved with the inclusion of gems, and this model has 24 around the display, just enough shimmer to keep viewers entertained without being all that gaudy. The sensation of the link on your skin is pleasant and relaxing as well. 

The square face is influenced by traditional French designs and features swaying Roman numerals and blue pointed hands.  Absolutely timeless, this is certainly one of the finest premium watches for ladies. And since few of us have time to learn how to wind a watch, the quartz mechanism is another advantage.

Gucci – G-Timeless Watch

Get a complete package with this Gucci G-Timeless watch and wear an emblem of glamour on your hand as you go about your everyday activities. Gucci is always associated with elegance. So having a watch made by this high-end chic company for less than a grand is a worthwhile investment.  

The fact that the watch is indeed extremely comfortable to wear is a plus. Gucci blends its innate understanding of elegance with the finest watchmaking experience to bring a unique wristwatch to the owner. The stainless steel cuff is brazen and relaxed, while the mask is low-key and walled-back. 

The minimal Gucci signature emblem shows that this is an authentic watch of the highest quality and one of the most luxurious women’s accessories. The Gucci G-Timeless understands what is meaningful to the contemporary woman.

Chanel Stainless Steel Lambskin Watch

Chanel signifies everlasting beauty like no other brand. And there’s no more elegant paint mix than gold and black. That’s why this Chanel women wristwatch has a significant celebrity attraction. 

Elaborately made with a gold-plated polished steel shell, the face of the watch is black with a sapphire crystal lens and a gold and black band, including pointed gold hands to match the rest. A unique jewellery timepiece, it’s the most feminine luxury watch you can find. 

Subtle and bold, this is a product for those who want to catch the attention of the audience. It’s a display for banquets, private parties, red-carpet activities and social gatherings. 

This item is too unique to spend all that time in a jewellery box. When you buy a Chanel watch, you know you’re getting your money’s worth and it’s a great investment to boot.

Rolex – Lady Datejust 31 Watch

Lady Datejust is one of the most valuable possessions you can own when it comes to luxury designer watches. The item has so much history behind it, and it still sells like hotcakes every time Rolex comes out with a newer model.

This beautiful stainless steel watch includes a stylish three-link Oyster band, which is quite robust and comfortable. The elegant design blends polished and brushed steel with an exquisite two-tone finish. 

The watch is augmented by an 18-carat white gold bezel with a sleek pink diamond-shaped dial. This wristwatch is beautiful and stylish without going overboard. 

Rolex watches are known to retain their value as well, so the Lady Datejust is also a sound investment on top of being a highly desirable fashion accessory. However, as the model is a bit pricey, you may want to take a look at some used Rolex models that are just as luxurious but more affordable.

Hermes Heure H Watch

If you’re searching for a classic watch that transcends evolving fashion styles, you can’t go wrong with the everlasting charm of the Hermes Heure H. The first Hour H watch was introduced in the 1990s, and the H-shaped knob became an instant classic. 

This speaks to the power of the Hermes brand, which is renowned across the globe for its products.  And, while it is now instantly remembered by enthusiasts, it stays a wristwatch with a significant influence on design. 

This unique Hermes Heure H edition is lightweight and compact at just 21mm, while the strong white sunburst display with black Arabic numerals makes it simple to view. 

The contoured leather strap finishes the theme, making it the ideal piece for a trendy fashion outfit. This is a designer watch that will look great on anyone, and it’s sure to prove a great investment.

So if you’re interested in purchasing a designer watch, you can easily buy an authentic designer watch from one of the premium brands like Gucci, Cartier or Rolex without having to deal with any hassle. Good luck with your future investments!