Sustainability is in style this summer, and we have the perfect luxury brand to help you look and feel your best just in time for bikini season. Bellini Bikini, an eco-friendly Canadian swimwear brand, offers high-quality pieces at an affordable price. 

With a focus on sustainability and female empowerment, Bellini Bikini’s styles are simplistic, sexy, and supportive. Each suit is made with soft, signature eco-luxe material to ensure maximum comfort and confidence while remaining environmentally conscious.

Bellini Bikini was born from a simple motto, “life is better in a bikini.” After struggling to find a long-lasting and simple swimsuit for everyday use, owner and founder Zahné Theron decided to create it. 

Above: Zahné Theron in the Tie Dye Set

In March 2020, 22-year-old Theron launched Bellini Bikini, a versatile bikini line made to flatter women in any occasion. Theron hopes to provide women with a sustainable and high-quality option to fit all of their bathing suit needs without sacrificing comfort or style.  

Above: Cloud 9 Collection 

“I hope all of my customers feel confident with their suit. Not only confident wearing the suit, but confident in their purchase. Our suits are made from ocean waste and we only ship with eco-friendly packaging. I want our customers to be proud of the fact that when they purchase one of our suits, they are doing something good for the environment, instead of supporting fast fashion” says Theron. 

Above: The Blakely Set

Within the past year, Bellini Bikini launched four collections, each featuring chic and comfortable sets that are cut for confidence. Each collection is limited edition, ensuring customers the opportunity to continuously update their swim collections with one of a kind, unique styles!

Above: The Mila Set in Milk + Honey Collection

The brand maintains its commitment to reducing its ecological footprint through the use of regenerated waste products and sustainable packaging in the production of each bikini. With a new collection launching in July, Bellini Bikini continues to create timeless staples suited for everyone’s closet.  

“I hope that every time a customer wears one of our suits, she is reminded of the impact she has made on our Earth by choosing a sustainable brand,” says Theron.

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