Do you find yourself constantly looking for the next hottest thing? Instead of trying to be on-trend all the time, why not add in some looks that are timeless. Style trends and beauty trends change all the time. One day thin eyebrows are in, and the next day thick and bushy is on point. It can be hard to keep up with it all. While you don’t want to feel like your look came out of 1985 in a bad way, you also don’t need to be trendy every moment of every day. There are plenty of beauty and style trends that never go out of style. So, if you want to be stylish, try these on for size, they never go out of style.

Great Skin

Want to know why great skin is so important? It’s because it’s the first thing people see when they look at you. While you don’t need to look like a porcelain doll, having skin that’s healthy and vibrant helps you look and feel confident in any atmosphere. Whether you’re struggling with acne or other redness, or you need to protect your skin from the sun, you need a good brush-on mineral sunscreen and healing lotion to help reduce your acne and redness. Great skin is the perfect palette to apply any makeup to whether you need a casual day look or a glam look for an evening out.

Natural Hair

Hair trends come and go almost faster than fashion trends. Things from asymmetrical hair to peek-a-boo highlights, to those baby bangs, are all here and gone in a moment. Do you know what doesn’t go out of style? Natural hair. Your hair is gorgeous and all you need is to learn how to care for it effectively. Whether you sport curly locks, long and straight hair, or something in between, learn to love your natural hair. While things like dye are okay to help cover grays and even out your color, all hair dye trends come and go. There was ombre hair and then reverse ombre. One day dark roots were faux pas, and then suddenly celebrities were letting their dark roots shine.

The Little Black Dress

Having your own little black dress is a style and beauty must-have. This never goes out of style. There may be changes to a few details like adding off-the-shoulder black dresses or letting the length go up or down a bit, but if you have a little black dress, you can wear it to almost any occasion or gathering. Got a black-tie event? Go with a floor-length option. Want a night out on the town, go for a length above the knee. You’d be amazed at how beautiful and amazing you feel in this simple style.

Tailored Pants

Let’s face it, pants off the rack never fit 100% perfectly. And if it does for you, count yourself lucky. Taking your pants, whether it be denim jeans or dressy attire, to get tailored can make you feel brand new. All the ways you felt uncomfortable in your pants will melt away. Not only will your pants be just the right length, but they will also fit around all your curves without making you look bulky or awkward. Getting your pants tailored is an investment in having beauty and style that’s timeless.

A Well-Fitting Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is one piece of clothing that never goes out of style. You can change up the look of it by adding shirts, jackets, and jewelry that dress it up or down, but the skirt itself is timeless. You can look effortlessly professional just by slipping into one of these. Pair it with a fitted jacket and you’ll walk into your business meetings or interviews with confidence. It’s not trendy, and it’s not frumpy.

Simple Black Heels

Whether you go for a more pointed or rounded toe, a simple pair of pumps will go with almost any outfit. And the good news is that black heels never go out of style. Find a pair that will last a long time because you’ll be wearing it with that little black dress, those tailored pants, and even that sleek pencil skirt. Being fashionable sometimes means finding simpler outfits that you can add some pizzazz to in other ways.