Kim Kardashian covers Vogue Magazine’s latest issue, with the tagline, “Kim’s New World: I’ve Chosen Myself.”

📸 @carlijnjacobs for @voguemagazine

Other feature stories include a testimony from African-American writer Janell Okwodu about how fashion finally made space for her. Missing was any mention of one of Vogue’s first, most effervescent, and pioneering Black editors, Andre Leon Talley.

Credit: @AndreLTalley

@missaugust2u wrote, “Where is Andre’s Cover?” @drakesuniverse added, “Andre needs this cover! She has contributed nothing to society! NOTHING! Smh” @You_No_Nan offered, “Andre Leon Talley should’ve donned the cover. 🕊🙏🏾💐” @Typhh.ahh.nee, typed, “😴😴😴 They should have honored Andre.”

Perhaps Andre’s tribute is inside? Or maybe this issue had already gone to print before he could be included. The magazine world works differently from the digital world–many covers and cover features are decided and concretized 3 months in advance. Let’s hope his tribute (or maybe even cover) are coming soon.

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