Renowned for their unique embroidery, and use of refined textiles, and chic silhouettes, Akris told quite the story Sunday during Paris Fashion Week.

The designer Albert Kriemler, who has is the grandson of Akris founder, Alice Kriemler Schoch has shown his ability to dress women in the most eloquent and sensible way, brilliantly highlighting the women’s form.

Photo Credit: @Karlaotto/Spotlight

The floral red scenery with a percussion ensemble (including a pianist, flute and drum player), set the tone for the fantastical show that took us on an artistic journey.

Inspired by the late textile, wallpaper and craft designer, Felice “Lizzi” Rix-Ueno, after coming across her work at the MAK Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, Kriemler chose to bring a spotlight to her artistry.

We definitely see hints of Rix-Ueno through the bold prints, and use of hand-painting exhibited throughout Akris Spring 2024 garments.

Photo Credit: @jamescochranephoto

In addition to vibrant colors, we saw models in all white monochromatic ensembles including white embroidered jacket and skirt combos, and a white organza blazers. Metallics also made a peak-a-boo debut on the runway as Spring 2024 will be all about the silver futuristic hue.

Photo Credit: @jamescochranephoto

Unapologetic at mixing prints in the most seamless way, we saw garments with straight and asymmetrical lines, perfect for a fierce safari, night-out, or fashion-forward trip to the museum.

Photo Credit: @Karlaotto/Spotlight

Turning heads left and right with models sashaying in fringe dresses, skirts and even tank-tops, Akris added additional dimension with their various use of silk fringe.

Taking a closer look at the construction of each garment, you can certainly see Akris’s attention to detail with their double face stitching, and luxurious use of high quality fabrics.

If anyone has mastered the art of elegance in the most delicate and intricate manner, it’s Akris who is on everyone’s radar for their prolific and boundary-breaking designs.

To watch the Akris Spring 2024 Runway show during Paris Fashion Week, you can click HERE.