In the 20th century, as men gave their fiancées a band that symbolised their affection and intentions for a marriage union.  The engagement ring started to shine in the true sense and symbol of the engagement ring, showing that she was taken out of bounds and ready to be married to her true love and put on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Since that finger was believed to have been married to her true love. For a brief time before commercial rings and the media took over the engagement scene, earlier rings could only be a piece of silver or an iron band without any adornment that the woman incorporates into her fourth finger on her left side. 

Buying An Engagement Ring in 21st Century

For many, buying an engagement ring is not only a difficult task, but also a risky one. What is the key concern that adheres to the mind of the woman if she doesn’t like the engagement ring that I bought? 

A lot of preparation is needed to buy an engagement ring. 

Visit a Designer 

For you and your fiancé, engagement ring designers will make great designer engagement rings that you will never be able to find at any local store. All you have to do is go online to find a custom engagement rings, as many are now available online. 

Throughout the process of designing your engagement ring, they will be able to support you. Don’t forget that in the production of your designer engagement ring, you will have a big role to play. You have to choose the metal, stones and even the kind of style you want your engagement ring to be, after all. 

Choose the stone style 

To begin with, choose the stone, style and colour that fits your loved one ‘s personality. If you intend to give your beloved a diamond engagement ring, do a detailed study of diamonds. Diamonds come in different colours and designs. The cut, transparency and carat of the diamond are also an element that should not be overlooked. 

Choose the band Metal 

These days, diamond engagement rings are also in vogue. A very serene metal, platinum engagement rings are cherished by many women. Platinum engagement rings are enjoyed by men just as much. Thus, as a choice for an engagement ring, women can also select platinum. 

Choose the Color 

The popularity of coloured stones has also risen. Because of this, the best engagement rings of 2008 contain rings with coloured diamonds. Diamonds, including yellow , blue, pink, and even black, come in a variety of colours. There are extremely rare true coloured diamonds, which makes them extremely costly. 

A coloured diamond of one carat will cost upwards of ten thousand dollars. However, there are a couple of alternatives that will still encourage you to be fashionable with a coloured stone if you can not afford to spend this much money on an engagement ring.


So, what are you going to wait for? If you intend to walk the aisle with your girlfriend hand in hand, then start the process by gifting her a diamond ring.Diamonds are a woman’s best buddy, after all.


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