Thinking of having a destination wedding? Ever thought of holding your dream wedding in Phuket? This Thai island has everything you have been looking for. 

Having a destination wedding is your dream. After all, your wedding day would hopefully only come once in your life. What better way to make it extra special than holding your wedding at a beautiful, faraway location?

Choosing an exotic location for your destination wedding isn’t easy. There are few factors to consider, including costs, distance, availability, number of guests, etc. But, if you have your eyes set on getting married on a tropical island, Phuket is the place you are looking for.

The island of Phuket in Thailand, with its swaying palms and breathtaking rocky structures, is a slice of paradise on earth. Anyone who wants to have an island wedding would love to get married in Phuket.

Why Get Married In Phuket?

Out of all the exotic island destinations scattered all over the world, what makes Phuket such a great place for a wedding? Not only is Phuket breathtakingly beautiful, but it also has some unique perks that will make your wedding so memorable, and guests will talk about it for years to come.

If you want everything to go perfectly on your special day, Phuket is the right location for you. Here are a few reasons why you must choose Phuket as your wedding destination.

Everything Will Go Perfectly For Your Grand Wedding

Planning a grand wedding at an exotic location is no joke. If you have your wedding closer to home, you need to worry only about simple issues like choosing the perfect wedding bands or finding a good caterer.

But, a destination wedding is complicated. You have to worry about the language barrier, finding good wedding services, or even the right location. Without extra help, your wedding can become a lot more stressful than you can handle.

This is where Phuket wedding planners come in. You can have a relaxed, stress-free wedding and let them handle the complicity of planning your wedding. They can become the bridge between you and this beautiful yet unknown place, making your dream wedding a breeze.

Phuket Is Perfect For Eloping

If the hassle and expenditure of a grand wedding isn’t your style and if you are looking for a simple yet exotically intimate experience, Phuket is your perfect choice.

You wouldn’t need to spend as much either, especially if you want a beach wedding. Not much is needed other than getting your makeup done professionally, paying for flowers, decor, and maybe an arch. You must hire a wedding celebrant and a photographer for memorable wedding photos.

If you want it to be a little grander, wedding planners also provide the service of planning elopements.

Another benefit of elopement is that you save more money on the wedding itself, which leaves you the option of spending more on your Phuket honeymoon.

Wedding & Honeymoon In One Destination

Having your honeymoon in Phuket is an utterly romantic experience. The sandy shores, the blood-red sunsets, the scenic view of the island screams romance. There are plenty of activities you can do as a couple, go on adventurous expeditions, try exotic water sports, enjoy the nightlife, etc.

Exploring the island and its charms will allow you to get closer to your new life partner. Your Phuket honeymoon would be an experience you would never want to forget.

You wouldn’t have to pay for the travel, hotel/resort costs for another location, because once you land on Phuket, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for your honeymoon.

You get the chance to explore other parts of Thailand, after your Phuket wedding.

Breathtaking Background For Your Wedding Photos

You will never get over your wedding photos if you choose Phuket as your wedding destination. The picturesque natural beauty of the island will simply take your breath away.

If you decide on a beach wedding, you can catch the sunrise or sunset for pre or post-wedding photoshoots. The rustic beach wedding decor will beautify the photoshoot even further. Celebrating that moment in such a bewitching environment will generate many unforgettable snapshots.

The teal ocean waves crashing at your feet while you whisper your vows of love to your soulmate wouldn’t just disappear. The natural beauty of the island, the mountainous structures, the vibrant yet haunting allure of Phuket will be immortalized in your heart, mind, and wedding pictures!

You Can Opt For A Spiritual Wedding Experience

There is no better way to express your eternal love for one another than a Buddhist wedding ceremony. The traditional Thai wedding is a deeply spiritual experience.

Not only do you get a taste of an exotic and vibrant culture, but you will get to experience a ceremony that has existed for thousands of years. You can also dress up in the traditional silk wedding dress.

Opting for a traditional Thai wedding means you start your life together by experiencing something unique and spiritual.

If you are planning a unique grand wedding, with guests flying in from halfway across the world, you would want to give them an experience they’d never forget. Witnessing a traditional Thai wedding would be truly memorable for your guests.

You, Will, Find Everything You Need For Your Wedding

An exotic wedding can go from a dream to a nightmare real quick when you can’t find everything you need. But, Phuket is prepared for all your wedding needs.

The island has become such a popular wedding destination that stylists, photographers, makeup artists, officiators, venue decorators, and every necessary service on your wedding checklist are readily available. 

But, since there might be a problem with the language barrier, it will be convenient to have a wedding planner. Even the wedding planners are so experienced, that if you explain to them exactly what you want for your wedding, they will be able to provide that, be it the right flower, location, or ambiance.

Final Thoughts

Phuket can be your dream wedding destination. When you see the alluring charm of the island you will feel a passionate desire to hold your wedding there. Here you can make the exact destination wedding you have dreaming of all your life, a reality.

After all, what better place to become united in the holy bond of matrimony than in Phuket, a place where you will get a glimpse of heaven on earth.