Bomb BrandD’IYANUis bringing the heat for February 2021 with their Black History Month Collection!

The drop is all about inspiring the community to create new history.  D’IYANU encourages all of their customers to live boldly, which is why Black History Month is so important to them. With a history that has not always been bright, each day members of their community are doing excellent things. The bright moments that we have today are history in the making. Whether it is coming together for the community or starting businesses that give back to the community, D’IYANU recognizes and reflects on their strengths during Black History Month. It is a reminder of how far the community has come and that there is no cap on how far it can go.

For Black History Month, Diyanu is offering a variety of styles and prints that you are sure to fall in love with. Floor sweeping skirts and dresses with modern kente prints are reminiscent of ancestral clothing,  yet with a polished modern twist. Richly colored tops for men feature traditionally African fits that are also fresh and new. Rounding out the collection are athleisure fits and an African map denim jacket. This is a Black History Month Collection that you will not want to miss!

Above: Diyanu’s Amani maxi wrap dress in black tan tribal and their matching men’s Meka shirt in black tan tribal. Fans of D’IYANU will recognize the men’s Meka shirt from previous collections, which has been updated with a strong and bold new print. For women, Diyanu has created a timeless and elegant style maxi wrap dress.

Diyanu also has some more casual, trendy fits for everyday situations. The photo above highlights their women’s Bekele wide leg pants and their men’s Bomani shirt, both in green gold mudcloth print. The wide leg pants are made with their signature stretch woven material and are very comfortable to wear. The matching Bomani shirt is perfect for culturally confident gentlemen!
For comfort, Diyanu designed a few activewear pieces and t-shirts that are great to wear out and about. Pictured below is their latest colorway for activewear. The heather grey/purple green kente print looks amazing on men, women and children. This is a great fit for the whole family!

Diyanu’s hope is that these pieces make you feel bold and beautiful! Theur Black History Month Collection is all about creating new black history and bold new memories, without forgetting the rich history of the community. This collection is one of their most powerful collections yet. Shop the collection here!