Lets face it, if dressing like a star were as easy as putting on your favorite clothes and waltzing out the front door, we’d all be doing it! But alas, fashion is a sport that involves a balance of colors, textures, volumes, lengths and, oh yes, accessories. Being your own stylist is not always easy so, thankfully, Fashion Bomb Daily is here to help by letting you in on some industry secrets on how to accessorize like an A-lister:

1. Make sure you’ve got options

Photo: Brandon Almengo

Step one sounds simple, but to really nail it you’ve got to think a little outside of the box. Let’s normalize not sticking to one aesthetic, shall we? Because fashion is expressive and personal style is dependant on the day, the mood, the weather and occasion, etc., so no one can be expected to stick to just one aesthetic. The first challenge and step towards accessorizing like a pro is to curate a collection of add-ons that speak to you regardless of aesthetic… you never know when it might come in handy!

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2. Accessorize based on the outfit

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Now that you have a variety of accessories that you not only love but that are also versatile, you’ve got to let the outfit do the talking. By this we mean don’t just add any old bag, necklace, ring or shoe to just any old look. Each piece should be thoughtfully picked out and serve a purpose in enhancing your ensemble. Think color coordination, playing on details found in the clothes and mixing materials tastefully. Let’s also not forget the age old rule by Coco Chanel, take one thing off before stepping out!

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3. Choose an area to highlight

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Next, you’ll want to select a focal point or a feature moment for your outfit. This will help you to decide on which accessory would compliment the look best as well as stop you from adding accessories all over the place, ’cause no one wants to look like a Christmas tree. Ask yourself where you would like to draw attention to and take it from there. Is it an off-the-shoulder neckline, an asymmetrical sleeve, a wid-leg pant? Remember, it’s all about balance.

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4. Combine and contrast bold colors with neutrals

Color matching and coordinating doesn’t always mean pair purple with purple, orange with orange, gold with gold – you see where we’re going with this? Often times the best outfits have a bit of everything, but in moderation. Rule of thumb, stick to 2 or 3 (maximum) colors to maintain visual balance. Pops of color are great against a muted ensemble, and understated accessory choices are a good choice when decorating louder outfits.

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5. Find new ways to wear old accessories

Photo: Gucci Resort 2023 – Salvatore Dragone

Last but not least, any celebrity stylist would tell you that the ultimate key to keeping things fresh is to repurpose your accessories by giving them new life and wearing them in ways that neither you nor anyone else has ever done before. At times it’s about recreating a look out of what you already have within your closet. For example, try wearing a necklace as a bracelet, a belt or even a chain for your fave beret! The possibilities are endless with this one, so let your creativity run wild.

What say you?