We’re sharing Autumn’s most popular and daring accessory choices as seen in street style and at fashion shows, plus where you can get the look for less and make it your own!

Crystal Footwear

An instant elevation for your style no matter the occasion, crystal footwear can be worn on boots, kicks, stilettos and more. This trend transports us back to that early 2000s bling era, but is best done today as a glitter statement as opposed to an accent.

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Potato Chip Bags

This particular bag has been the subject of much conversation ever since Balenciaga and Lays unveiled to collaboration during Paris Fashion Week. Needless to say, it may not be for everyone but some of us are here for the outrageous, ridiculous, camp style statements and if that sounds like you, then the potato chip bag might be worth your while!

Chunky Combat Boots

What better season to introduce your combat boots back into your everyday wardrobe than Fall? As the temperatures get cooler, the footwear switch only makes sense and will likely carry you through Winter as well. The updated combat boot has a chunky sole, often platform, and exaggerated details, like the loud Fendi logo in gold on the ones above, or cargo style detachable pockets and pouches on Prada’s combat boots.

Surrealist Heels

Another fashion statement that may or may not be your cup of tea, though we can all agree it is certainly a conversation starter! Loewe has been designing and releasing surrealist heels that bend reality. Take this balloon heel, for example, that is made to look like a balloon is wedged between your foot and the shoe’s front sandal strap. The brand’s rose heel is another great example of this fall trend that might speak more to your style.

Fringed Boots

Fall and fringe just go hand in hand, don’t they? But fringe doesn’t always have to be predictable variations of brown, black, suede or leather. When wearing fringe, try to pump up the color, or opt for a crystal fringe instead! This is going to up date the classic look for something more out of the ordinary.

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