Sporty sunglasses are used to improve athletic performance, provide eye protection during outdoor activities, and become trendy fashion accessories. According to market research from Mordor Intelligence, the sports sunglasses market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5% over the next five years. Sports products have seen rapid growth and adaptation in recent years due to rising awareness about physical fitness, adventure experiences, and developing skills and abilities.

Today, sporty sunglasses are recognizable for their oversized lens shapes and designs. This is because some sports sunglasses are designed to provide a wide enough field of view for athletes and wearers to see without the sunglasses’ frames obstructing their view. Because of their particular look and design, it can be intimidating for people to wear them as part of their everyday ensemble or on casual nights out. Fortunately, it is definitely possible to use sporty shades to compliment your outfit, even if you aren’t going out fishing or doing any sport outdoors. In this post, we’ll be sharing four fun ways to style your sporty sunglasses for everyday fashion.

Complementary colors

Today’s sporty sunglasses are designed to be as stylish as they are performance-boosting and come in more than the usual muted or dark colors. Oakley’s line of sunglasses are notorious for their otherworldly shapes and designs, matched only by the bold color options offered. Depending on your everyday style, it can help to match the lens and frame colors to complement your outfits.

The Sutro, for example, comes in 14 lens and frame colors, as well as two photochromic or transition lens options. These lens colors range from the brand’s Prizm Black to the loud yellow Prizm 24k. If you’re feeling brave and want to play with more hues, the Prizm Road lens option blends bright yellow, red, and purple. If you don’t want your sporty sunglasses to be too distracting from your ensemble, blending your colors can help give your look more clarity and coherence.

Match Them with denim

You can never go wrong with good old denim if you’re not confident about mixing and matching your colors. This is a great styling option if you don’t mind your sporty shades becoming your outfit’s center of attention. Pairing wacky-colored sports sunglasses with a pair of blue jeans or even a denim jacket to match can give your whole look a splash of color. Alternatively, your denim look would look great with simple black sports shades for a more subdued look.

Another way to style your sporty sunglasses with a denim look is by capitalizing on going full retro. There’s something vintage about wearing denim, and the oversized, 90s to 2000s look of most sports sunglasses today can help put the look together. You can also go the extra mile by accessorizing with a belt or purse that matches your shades’ colors.

Back to the 90s

As briefly mentioned above, one of the potential reasons that sporty sunglasses have become trendy again is due to nostalgia. The oversized lens shapes and bold colors certainly call back to the 90s and 00s raves. If you’re not a fan of denim, you can pair your big oversized shades with equally big and bold silhouettes. Harkening back to the 90s, this means baggy jeans, oversized jackets and hoodies, and large shoulders.

Aside from playing with colors, matching the size of your sporty sunglasses with your clothing can help create a more dynamic and youthful look. The pronounced silhouettes of large, oversized clothing and the harsh angles of a wide lensed sunglasses are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Other aspects of the 90s that go well with the sporty sunglass trend would be faux leather and fur jackets.

Nightly neoncore

Finally, what better way is there to play with the outlandish colors and shapes of sporty sunglasses than to embrace neoncore? While almost frowned upon in the mid-2000s, the garish bright colors comparable to highlighter pens have made a huge comeback in recent years. In fact, celebrities who opt to represent the neon phenomenon tend to go all the way by finding the brightest neon clothing they can.

The sporty sunglasses fit right in with the neoncore trend thanks to their bright colors and bold designs. For people daring enough to wear a head-to-toe neon ensemble, a pair of neon sporty shades is an essential accessory. Otherwise, if you’re color-blocking your neons with solid blacks or grays, choosing sporty shades with colored lenses and black frames can help punctuate your look.

Written by Jasmine Moore