There is simply no denying that rocking statement clothing and accessories can help you become a more fashionable dresser and a more memorable individual. Think about Iris Apfel and her amazing collection of bold oversized glasses or Hillary Clinton’s iconic pantsuits. These signature statements command attention and ensure that nobody looks away! 

Even if you’re the type of dresser who likes to blend in, rocking the occasional statement-making piece can help you breathe new life into your existing wardrobe and add some personality to otherwise simple looks. If you’re looking for some great statement pieces to add to your closet, check out the list below. We’re sure all of these items will help your looks become unforgettable!

  1. A Floral Printed Dress — Bold yet easy to style, floral printed dresses are the perfect pick for the lady who wants to infuse some style into her wardrobe without going too far over the top. Choose chic dresses in vibrant floral prints or palm prints that suit the season. The brighter the better!
  2. A Leather Jacket — Want to feel like a total boss when you step out in the fall and winter? A classic leather jacket is the way to go! Choose a genuine leather option if you’re looking for an investment-grade statement jacket. Take cues from fashion icons like Kate Bosworth and Reese Witherspoon and pair your leather jacket with some trendy jeans and a pair of statement shoes. 
  3. A Chic Sun Hat — You don’t need to be heading to the beach to pull off a wide-brimmed hat. As long as the weather’s warm and the sun is out, a straw hat will look right at home with your relaxed ensemble. In the Fall and Winter, switch to a wool felt wide brim to keep the hat vibe alive.
  4. A Printed Blouse or Two — Every collection of cute women’s clothing should include a few statement tops! Why not go with a pretty printed blouse in an eye-catching print that’s sure to turn heads? We love printed tops because they’re easy to style with jeans, pants and skirts but are still total show-stoppers.
  5. A Shimmery Skirt — When it comes to chic skirts, you can’t go wrong with something flowy and ruffled. But if your goal is to make a splash, consider stepping out of the solid-colored box and opting instead for an eye-catching fabric that will totally make the look. 
  6. Statement Sunglasses — Take any outfit from simple to statement with a pair of gorgeous sunnies. Go retro with a colorful oversized square style or make a funky splash with some large cat eyes. Regular eyeglasses can make a massive statement too — take it from the queen of statement eyewear, Iris Apfel!  
  1. A Menswear Blazer — Oversized blazers are all the rage right now, and they’re not just for office wear. When paired with a well-fitting t-shirt and jeans, this piece can give you an edgy yet authoritative look so people take you seriously.
  2. Ripped Jeans — Ripped jeans: statement piece or wardrobe basic? It depends on who you ask! But we think distressed denim can be considered a statement piece when amply destroyed and made the focus of your edgy ensemble. Pair them with some pointy stilettos or leather boots for a cool vibe.
  3. Sparkly Heels — Sparkles, studs, rhinestones! Sparkly heels take your simple dressy footwear and crank it up a few notches. Perfect for special occasions, New Year’s Eve or a sassy night out with your girlfriends, bedazzled heels go with everything yet still command plenty of attention.
  4. Bedazzled Flip-Flops — As much as we love our dressy heeled sandals and trendy slides, we still think there’s a place in the wardrobe for some flip-flops. After all, no other shoe is as comfortable and easy to slip on and off when the weather is warm. But basic flip-flops are not the way to go. Instead, opt for some sparkly or bedazzled flops that make your outfit positively sparkle.
  5. A Straw Handbag — Straw handbags are summertime statement pieces that have the unique ability to go with tons of different colors, patterns and fabrics. This makes them amazing for traveling! Go for a unique shape to play into the statement vibe, such as a round or circular option or something with a cool wooden handle. 
  6. A Sequin Sweatshirt — We love sequins, and we love sweatshirts, so why not combine the two? This is an awesome way to give your comfortable or casual looks a bit of an eye-catching overhaul without having to go too fancy. Grab a graphic crewneck bedazzled with some pretty sequins to make it pop.
  7. A Funky Phone Case — Let’s face it: Your phone goes with you wherever you go. Why not treat it like an outfit accessory and dress it in a fun, eye-catching phone case? We love swapping out our cases for the occasion, season and vibe of the moment to add something extra-special to every single look.
  8. Cowgirl Boots — Who says cowgirl boots are just for the ranch or stable? Look to the urban ensembles put together by trendy tastemakers like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner for inspiration. These babies can be styled with simple dresses, chic denim and even bold patterned dresses.
  1. A Printed Silk Neck Scarf Tie a silk scarf around your neck and you’ll instantly feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday or Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. This timeless fashion accessory is feminine, whimsical and a little bit retro. Plus, if you go for a vibrant color or a fun pattern, it’s guaranteed to turn uninspired outfits into total statement-makers.

A good wardrobe can be broken down into two categories: core staples and fun statement pieces. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down — high-quality denim, layering tops and sturdy jackets — you can start to pepper in some fun pieces that give your outfit a one-of-a-kind twist. All of the items on the above list can help you transform practical outfits into fresh and iconic ones!