The fashion industry is worth billions of dollars. You see models plastered all over billboards and elsewhere. Their beauty is on full display on the runway and all over the world.

Beyond that, there is an issue that not many are bringing up. That issue is drug addiction. In the fashion industry, it’s something that continues to exist to this day.

Where there is beauty, there might be a dark side. One of the best Infinite Recovery ideas is getting the help someone will need regardless if they are in the fashion industry or just working a regular job. We will be discussing if drugs and the fashion industry are a relationship that is unlikely or whether it’s something that’s normal and goes unnoticed.

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s going on in the fashion world and what role drugs may play.

There is a lot of pressure involved

The fashion industry is perhaps one of the most competitive out there. That’s because you have new models competing with those who have been in the game for years. The pressure that comes with this can be higher than usual.

For this reason, the use of drugs could be something that occurs on a regular basis. That’s because they need something to cope with the pressure. A model’s career is said to last about five years and the pay may not be the best starting out.

Some of them may rise to stardom in a quick amount of time. With that rise comes the increase in earnings. Some may make it and others may not.

Models may also be dealing with long days. This includes spending time with a client followed by a long day of photo shoots. It can get to the point where their busy schedule may limit the amount of sleep they need to function properly.

This may be a challenge to achieve because the powers to be want their models looking well rested and looking fresh. Thankfully, there are plenty of models that turn down drugs or substances at any opportunity. They will find other ways to cope with the pressure.

Either way, models are building a career in an amount of time that may seem small. So they need to do what they can to work for as long as possible. This could also be a reason why they would use drugs.

They are judged on a regular basis

Models in the fashion industry are aware that they are judged on a regular basis. This is mostly on their beauty. Not to mention, they are competing with others.

It can get to a point where they might be considered less beautiful compared to the other model. This may take a mental toll on them. It can even lead to them using drugs to numb the pain and pressure of doing better.

While being judged under a microscope regularly, it may seem hard to keep up. Some may even try to take the edge off using drugs. So they are more relaxed instead of less worried.

What kind of drugs are common in the fashion industry

For decades, some of the following drugs listed were common in the fashion industry. Because of this, some of the world’s best models had opened up to their struggles with drug addiction. Aside from models, even fashion designers and other important figures have also struggled.

Here are the drugs that are common in fashion:


Cocaine can be snorted, injected, or even smoked. For a more intense high, smoking or injecting it would be the go-to option. Otherwise, it’s snorted but it will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before it takes effect.

Cocaine may be designed to stimulate the nervous system to the point where they feel some kind of pleasure. Plus, cocaine is believed to give one a boost of energy and a decrease in appetite.

The latter may be considered one of the reasons why models want to keep their weight down. However it can lead to malnutrition, which can be dangerous or even fatal. 


This opiate drug has been the cause of many drug overdoses both inside and outside of the fashion industry. It’s often injected, but it can be sniffed or smoked. Either way, it’s a potent drug that can cause a deep sensation and also help them relax. 

On top of that, it can also lower inhibitions as well. Models may be asked to do something risque and may not be aware of it for this reason. However, the addiction to heroin can also make it difficult for someone to work.

The dependency to this drug can even lead them to building a tolerance. When that happens, the chances of them overdosing are greater. Those overdoses can be fatal.


Meth can be easily abused despite being a stimulant. This can be used to treat certain conditions like ADHD. However, it can also be used to keep their weight low.

This drug can be ingested in multiple ways. It has similar effects compared to cocaine. Depending on how much is ingested, a person could be up for days and go without any food.

They could also remain in that state of euphoria for days on end. This can be dangerous even for models who are trying to work hard and keep up with the demands of the fashion industry.

Final Thoughts

The fashion industry and drug addiction may be an issue that needs to be addressed. Behind the beauty may be a dark shadow that is being cast. It’s important that the fashion industry should be aware of what happens behind the scenes.

Whether they are dealing with it or sweeping it under the rug is unknown. But there may be stories told by models past and present that may answer this question. The pressures and demands could be enough for someone to turn to drugs.

But it can have fatal consequences. It may be considered an ignored norm for the fashion industry unless something changes.