Your Stylish Vacation to Italy: A Guide

Home of European style for generations, with Milan’s catwalks and Rome’s streets a parade of class and opulence, Italy is a holiday destination like no other. Amongst the Roman ruins and seaside fishing villages are some of the classiest restaurants in the world, chic shopping arcades boasting the very best fashion from the continent, and a nightlife that justifies that ubiquitous morning espresso. If you’re planning your own vacation to Italy, the beating heart of European culture, this summer, this article will help you plan a memorable and stylish trip.

What to Wear

As important as anything else the planning phase of your trip is what you choose to pack with you. Italian streets, awash with the faded sepia colors of cobbled paving stones, terracotta roof tiles and beige, flaking walls, are quite the backdrop against which to display your bold summer wardrobe. And you won’t look out of place dressing at your most stylish: in fact, you’ll blend right in. Whatever summer clothes and accessories you’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear – Italy is that excuse. Dress to impress and pack for stylish dinners and drinks in the hottest neighborhoods in town, and you’ll feel a ‘fashionista’ in no time.

Where to Stay

The country of Italy spans Alpine mountains with deep, glistening forests and beach-lined islands far away from the busiest cities. The cities themselves offer adventure and opulence to those who seek it, as well as solitude in the quieter neighborhoods, where you’ll be able to retreat for a fine bottle of wine and an evening of pure relaxation. Whatever your itinerary, Italy Holidays should include a stay in a fine traditional villa – something you can search for online before you fly in order to secure the most wonderful home setting for your Italian odyssey.

The Lifestyle

Italians enjoy the benefits of Mediterranean cuisine paired with some of the most delicious drinks in the world to make the evening and nightlife scene in this country particularly alluring. Well-dressed couples parade the streets at night on the search for the latest hit crowd, often found in stylish bars and exciting clubs – or late-night restaurants that spill onto the cobbled plaza at night. In the morning, make sure you grab an espresso at a coffee stand, and feel free to top up during the day – it’s all part of the work-hard, play-hard culture of Italy.

The Sights

No vacation to Italy can be complete without visiting Rome, home to the colosseum and the Roman forum as well as other lesser sights of ancient intrigue. Milan is a must-see for fashion fans, while heading further north will take you to the mountains in which skiing in the winter, or hiking and mountain biking in the summer, steals the show. In the south, the island of Sicily retains its old-world charm, while Pompeii – the city blanketed in ash following the ancient eruption of the Mount Vesuvius volcano – is a startling homage to life here centuries ago.

What to Eat & Drink

You’ve got the look and you’ve got the lifestyle, but you’re still going to need some pointers to send you in the direction of the finest eateries, bars and cafes that cover Italy’s slender body. What’s most important, to keep your palette entertained with stylish, novel and exciting dishes, is to branch out from the pizza-and-pasta orthodoxy that many who visit Italy find it hard to tear themselves from. Yes – they’re absolutely delicious, but there is far more to Italy’s cuisine than those two national dishes. Keep an eye out for fusion restaurants and cosmopolitan eateries in order to be at the cutting edge of taste in Italy’s foodie scene.

How to Interact

Italians are fiery, passionate and loving people – and there’s no doubt that you’ll see that first-hand on the streets, of Naples, Rome or Sorrento. The Italian language is also marvelous, with looping vowels and expressive intonation coupled with over-the-top gestures. If you wanted to learn Italian, you can use The Intrepid Guide to jumpstart your Italian-learning journey. All this makes interacting with local people an absolute joy. If possible, before you go, pick up some of the most important words – especially ‘thank you’, ‘nice to meet you’, and ‘please’ – so that you’re able to exchange even just a little with those around you who don’t speak English. Speaking and laughing with Italians is all part of your stylish and memorable experience in the country.

Which Events to Attend

Most events and festivals in Italy are arranged on a fairly strict calendar – worth checking before you depart for your trip – but many others happen all over the country, and you need to do your best to get in-the-know on your arrival to Italy. Ask local people where they’d recommend, and follow the crowds where you can. There’s all manner of stylish events to be found in Italy across the year, including gallery openings and fashion shows that rival the very best in the world for flair and energy. Keep your ear to the ground to be seen at the most exciting and glamorous of venues and events.

Your Italian Odyssey

Traveling throughout Italy is in itself a most glamorous and picturesque activity, and to make the most of your time exploring this rich and cultured land, you should consider hiring a vehicle to get around. The mountain roads and precipitous seaside routes you’ll drive on are like something straight out of a travel brochure, and an open-top Italian sports car might just be the very best way to get from place to place while also feeling deeply ingrained in the country’s sense of beauty and wonder. Find car rental companies online in order to sort out your mode of transport, to pick up on arrival. Failing your renting a car, you could also find a taxi and guide, book onto a bus tour, or take some of the nation’s trains to get around.

There you have it – your complete guide to holidaying in Italy – home to ancient remains, modern bars and timeless styles. In order to extract the most memorable and enjoyable time from your trip to Italy, bear in mind the tips outlined above, all of which will place you in the glamorous cohort of tourists who manage to do as the Italians do while spending time on vacation.