So as you know, I fell in love with Kimora Lee’s choice for the Costume Institute Gala a few days ago…


…I thought it was fresh, pretty, and different. You can tell Kimora understands style: she knows how to take risks without falling on her face!
Of course I wondered to myself who designed her multicolored frock, and thankfully several of you e-mailed me to let me know that the designer is in fact Kevan Hall
…yes! Silly me, I thought I had featured most designers of color on the Fashion Bomb, but there are always others hiding in the folds!
So Kevan Hall was born in Detroit and studied fashion design at Cass Technical High School before attending Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design…
…he struck out on his own throughout the 80’s and 90’s before becoming Design and Creative Director for the legendary Halston in 1998. In 2002, he started his own signature line, the Kevan Hall Collection. Now you can see his sophisticated, tailored frocks on the likes of Vanessa Williams, Felicity Huffman, Vivica A. Fox, Virginia Madsen, Garcelle Beauvais, Debra Messing and Renee Zellweger.

Looks from his Spring 2008 Collection
When asked what he is up to now, he reveals, “One of our recent projects was the wedding gown and reception dress for Tia Mowry. She was adorable and so in love!
Spring 2008
“…I enjoy the process of design from concept to execution…But the most gratifying part is seeing a design come to life on a beautiful woman.”
Find out more at www.kevanhalldesigns.com, or if you’re in LA, pay him a visit at 8313 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323-658-7979).

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*New York Magazine actually hated on Kimora’s dress saying, “Thank goodness no children with sticks were around because they might have mistaken her for an African piñata and started whacking her. ” Oh my, what clever snark! I, for one, applaud Kimora for wearing an African inspired gown to a very stuffy, traditional event. Represent!
*If you want to understand the motives behind similar hateful comments, be sure to attend Glamour’s panel tomorrow!
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I like my sleep, so no promises that I’ll attend.

12 thoughts on “You Should Know: Kevan Hall”

  1. Thanks Fashion Bomb for not “following the crowd” in their negative opinions of Kimora’s dress. I think it’s fabulous, fits her well and as you say “represents”.

    Good work, I love your blog.

  2. Yes. The best and brightest attend Cass Technical High school. I’m happy you found him. He’s been around for years…

  3. I am Nigerian and I for one have never heard of an African pinata. What ignorance! And fashion is supposed to be inclusive of cultures of the world.

  4. white people can always be depended on to say something racist and ignorant.

  5. I hate New York magazine!!!! Can they not even hide their contempt for all things (and people) that are African?? I mean shit–“african pinata”??! What is up with the industry?

  6. Not to mention the implied violence of imagining her as a piñata–something you beat with a stick. Really, is a piñata the first thing you think of when you see bright colors?

  7. I didnt like the dress but the comments from the New Yorker were offensive and flat out ignorant.

  8. Kevan Hall is a great designer who is practically ignored by the media. I have followed his career and look forward to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in order to see his designs. There are several Black designers who are being ignored by the mainstream media such as: B. Michael, Steven Burrows, Byron Laws, Tracy Reese, Anthony Mark Hankins, Jeffery Banks, Tony Whitaker, Anthony Liggins, Edward Wilkerson of Lafayette 148 and a host of other’s. These designers display a wealth of talent and innovation in their designs but just like everything else in this country is all about what’s hot for the moment. The fashion industry appears to be a barrier to success for several designers of color. It all boils down to commerce and we are not the primary focus and when you are excluded you can’t make money to grow your brand.

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