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Let’s solve some Mail Bombs!
Lisa fell in love with Nicole Richie’s dress here…
She says, “Where can I get it?
We searched and found that she’s wearing a variation upon this $425 Diane Von Furstenberg Novesa Dress…

Next, Jonilee from Brooklyn NY says, “I was wondering if you can tell me where can I purchase this shirt that Ashanti is sporting….”
…I love the character and I’m late for everything; might as well warn people first!
Y’all are hilarious! Lucky for you, stellar intern Adriana searched and found the yellow version of the shirt
…for $26 at
Next Lola asks, “I love the dress Rihanna is wearing on the cover of Elle Magazine and I HAVE HAVE HAVE to have it!!!”
“…I know its Donna Karan and out of my price range. Where can I find a similar dress??
Try these low priced lovelies for a similar look:
1. Red Summer Dress by Paradyz, $215, 2. Tart Jersey Sharon V-Neck Dress, $73, www.bluefly.com3. Aqua Women’s Sleeveless Racerback Dress, $78,
In a men’s Mail Bomb, Cake from Savannah says, “I wanna know what kind of sunglasses Usher was wearing in the Love in this Club video....”
Try these for an Usher steeze:
1. Italia Independent Sunglasses, $395, 2. John Varvatos Navigator Sunglasses, $325, 3. Plastic Aviator Frames, $70,
Now for a few wardrobe solutions.
Shanae says, “Ok so I’ve been looking all over for a pair of the high waisted jeans but I havent found a cute pair yet, PLEASE HELP!”
“…Also what could I wear with it, like as far as shirts?!
With high waisted jeans, I think it’s best to wear them with a plain shirt–whether it’s a white t-shirt, button down or tie-neck blouse…
…for more examples of how to wear high waisted pants, check out my post about it here. If you want to add a few pairs to your wardrobe, try these:
1. Whiskered High Waist Jeans, $29.80, 2. Seven for all Mankind High Waisted Bootcut Jeans, $172, 3. Jenny Jen Gold Stitch Jeans, $129, 4. Seven for all Mankind Sophie High Waisted Skinny Jeans, $119,
Lastly, Aija asks, “Quick question for you – once in a while someone pulls together a sort of shopping how-to guide that tells you the best time to purchase designer bags, coats, jewelry, etc. Have you seen anything like this, or do you have any pointers on the best time to make some of these major purchases?
I actually wrote an article about this a long time ago for an online magazine called Beauty Addict. Yes, I wrote for other sites before starting The Fashion Bomb!
According to me, “Summer apparel, like flirty dresses, swimsuits, and colorful skirts, start lining the shelves in March when it’s still a bit chilly. Though it’s tempting to buy everything you see the moment it arrives in stores, June and July are the sales months for summer clothes, with July being the clearance month…So if you can make it through May showing off your newly svelte bod in last year’s digs, you can stock up on almost all the polo shirts, flip-flops, and Capris your heart desires later on.” What great advice!
Read the rest here. It’s fun to reminisce!

Now for a little Fashion Trivia, just for fun.

If anyone can tell me the significance of this cover….
…along with the name of the model, month and year, you’ll win a Fashion Bomb T-Shirt! E-mail me at [email protected] with your response.
*Update: You guys are super duper fast! Denise from Illinois responded within a half an hour saying, “The cover is from March 1966. It featured Donyale Luna, the first cover model of ethnic origin for Vogue.” You are correct! Look out for your T!
For the rest of you, enter the code ‘friendsandfamily’ for $10 off your Fashion Bomb Shop Purchase. Offer expires 5/16!

Fashion, News, and What Nots

*These guys were on the front page of yesterday’s NY Times Style Section:

Click here to find out why. [NYTimes]
*Donyale Luna actually had a very, very sad story.
Reader Janay sent me this website (which also has great pictures of Donyale). According to the site, “Her unprofessional behavior signaled the end of Luna’s career. Beverly Johnson recalled that Luna “[didn’t] wear shoes winter or summer. Ask her where she’s from ‘Mars?’ She went up and down the runways on her hands and knees. She didn’t show up for bookings. She didn’t have a hard time, she made it hard for herself.” In 1979, Luna died of a drug overdose in Rome.” Read the rest here.
*If you want to read Time Magazine’s piece on her, titled, “Luna Year,” you can do so here.
*If you don’t read the New Yorker…start! It is simply the best magazine ever. Check this article in this week’s issue on Pascal Dangin, the premier retoucher of photographs for basically every fashion magazine under the sun. Just to give you an idea of how dope he is, “In the March issue of Vogue Dangin tweaked a hundred and forty-four images: a hundred and seven advertisements (Estée Lauder, Gucci, Dior, etc.), thirty-six fashion pictures, and the cover, featuring Drew Barrymore.” It’s pretty cool.

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  1. such a small world… i have the first picture of donyale as my backdrop for months now… concreteloop did a feature on her a few months back… very interesting woman…


  2. Another significance of the cover was that while it marked the first time a black woman had appeared on the cover, Donyale was posed covering her ethnic nose and lips, two of the most identifiable physical characteristics of people of color. This demonstrated that fashion editors, photogs and Luna herself were still not ready to cast black–the wide lips, round nose and dark skin–as wholly beautiful.

  3. Did you all know that Ms. Donyale was reluctant to claim her (obvious) African roots? It’s kind of sad/hard to acknowledge someone who didn’t acknowledge themselves.

  4. donyale was the first black women on the cover of vogue …..but the sad thing is she saw her blackness as a curse

  5. I’m so glad you featured Donyale, a few months ago I did a feature on her and the first black movie star on my blog. They are both beautiful women.

  6. About the Donna Karan dress, i’d like to know where I could get it… it’s not out of my price range, but i can’t seem to find it on the net or in ant shops!! PLEASE HELP ME, I NEED THAT DRESS!!

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