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Allow me to re-introduce you to Briana Bigham:

Briana Marie Bigham Style Fashion BMarie Handbags

Though you’ve most likely seen her light up primetime on BET’s Harlem Heights, the Atlanta native (woot!) is a very serious handbag designer with an interesting and nuanced background:

Briana Marie Bigham Style Fashion BMarie Handbags

She took some time out of her busy schedule to tell you guys a bit about her fashion industry experience, her favorite handbag brands, and dole out advice for you aspiring designers!

Briana Marie Bigham Style Fashion BMarie Handbags

An FIT graduate, Briana has worked for labels like Laundry by Shelli Segal, Esprit, Victoria’s Secret PINK, and Tommy Hilfiger in everything from apparel design and tech design to production. She says, “I wanted to learn all aspects of the business so when it was time to launch my own I could be self sufficient. The ultimate focus for me when I moved to New York was to start my own line, not to just work for a label.”

Briana Marie Bigham Style Fashion BMarie Handbags

She did just that in April of this year, launching her line of sultry handbags named B Marie for her first initial and middle name. For her latest collection she says, “I’m inspired by a contrast of western influence and rock glam….fringes and spikes. I’m doing cross the body mini bags and saddle bags with huge studded flaps and multiple straps.”

BMarie Handbags

Of course as a handbag and design expert we had to ask her about her favorite brands. She says, “Fendi is by far my favorite. Karl Lagerfeld makes unique wearable art that is functional. I think that is the strongest element when you purchase a luxury item.”

For those who can’t quite afford Fendi, she says to look for the 3 D’s when purchasing a quality handbag: Detail, Define, and Durable. I love small unique details in a style. For example one of my favorite bags is the Fendi Spy, and it stands out with the woven handles and cool hidden compartments. You have to ask yourself, ‘Does the bag define my personal style?’ And lastly a bag has to be made with durable material that is long lasting.” Good advice!


For you aspiring designers out there, Briana says, “Education in the business and grinding are the keys to success. If you can’t go to design school full time, take draping and sewing classes, sketch, study the history of fashion, and master Illustrator. There are so many people that claim to be a “Designer”, but don’t understand the structure of building a brand. You have to do the work to be successful…anyone can write a check.”
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If you want to learn more about Briana or check out her fabulous bags, visit her website, www.bmariestyle.com. She’s one to watch!

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  1. Hey everyone
    I would like to know how i can i get my hair like Briana in the last two pics…. its very cute and i like it>>>

  2. Aow! I’m a tall black girl, too…lol.

    That fur bag with the army and ostrich (or is that snake–my old eyes are failing me…lol) is the business!

    I couldn’t remember to watch Harlem Heights when it came on (b/c of my old brain), so I don’t really know much about Briana, but she looks fab.

  3. I commend her for getting into fashion and making a name for herself. I will say that the bags look kinda….boring :(

  4. Sheree Whitfield could use some advice from Briana. Hope everything works out with her bag line.

  5. I try to support black businesses and black people in general, but after her whole “Sling drinks” comment on Harlem Height I can’t like this girl. Her attitude is just nasty.

  6. Im a tall black girl too! Lol
    U look fab in all the pics..well i dont like the last one
    but u look great! lol

  7. Don’t mean to be a Hater! But she has a major serious attitude, I think it is because she believes she better than everyone else….She is very delusional about that one! I hope her bag line succeeds and show her that she doesn’t have to be a Bitch the rest of her life. Best of Luck to her spoil a$$

  8. Pinkflame1983 you are pointless and almost comedic. I love when people watch tv and think they know somebody. How do you know she has a nasty attitude after one comment on a reality show. She was talking about a girl she didnt like not the profession. Get a life and stop hating. Keep doing your thing Briana and don’t mind the crabs in a barrel that wish they had your talent.

  9. Did not like her attitude on the show at all. Will not be supporting her. When you know you are going to be on television and trying to develop a brand/business you must be careful how you present yourself and she did a horrible job. She came off very stuck up and rude.

  10. I always love when I see any young person, especially a young black female striving to do the damn thing. She is making a name for herself & creating her own brand. I really wanted to like her bags b/c on the show her passion & drive were so apparent, but from what I have seen, these bags are not to fall over for. I am not really feeling the types of fabrics/prints she chose to combine & her other bags seem “done”..as in “already been done.” I do however think she is capable of better & that she can & will grow as a designer. It is a learning process & if she is as serious about her craft as she seems to be, she will step it up & make some fab bags. All the best as you continue to press!

  11. Boy when you all go in, you go in… I love her work, and to her defense Anonymous there isn’t one thing I’ve seen on her site that has been “done” before. So unless you are the database for bag designs you are out of your mind. And the ones that have so many nasty words for someone you don’t even know that is on tv, possibly you need to check yours because it sounds like hate to me. lol. I doubt she would want you in her stuff anyway. I hate seeing people hide behind a computer screen to throw stones. Good luck on everything Briana!

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