Hey Bombshells!

Today we have another fabulous submission from Olakiitan from New Jersey, who wanted to nominate her sister Lola for Bombshell of the Day:

Fashion Bombshell of the Day Lola

She says, “She had a little bit of style before but it definitely improved once she found The Fashion Bomb! She’s 23 and she’s currently in her 2nd year of medical school.”


“…She works very hard in school but still manages to take time out and enjoy life, and she does so in style! Her (funky & classy) short hair is always on point and knows how to make a fashion statement without overdoing it (i.e. She can wear a solid dress with a big statement chain to really make it stand out).”


“…We’re both Nigerian. Even when she rocks traditional Nigerian clothing, she adds a lot of flavor & style to it.”


Yes she does!

Wow, brains and beauty to match! Lola you have amazing style, and as Rick Owens said, your hair and shoes say it all!

What do you guys think of this Bombshell’s style?

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