18 thoughts on “Who Wore it Better? Dawn vs. Beyonce vs. Ciara in YSL Caged Booties”

  1. Dawn and Ciara tie…I like them with Dawn’s leather skirt and Ciara looks fierce.

  2. Cici obviously!! Dawn in second place. Bey needs to stick to her “pretty” style. She doesn’t do rocker chic well.

  3. They all looked like amateurs. Where’s Rihanna at when you need an example of real style?

  4. I think Beyonce nailed it. I prefer her colour sandal plus the fact that she kept is casual and light…the black versions end up looking more like jelly sandals to me.

  5. I think Beyonce nailed it, she looks laid back and casual but I also like the way dawn did it with the leather skirt!!

  6. i vote beyonce! i like her laid back take cuz these looked terrible with dawns dressed up look to me!

  7. I like beyonce look. Ciaras looked like too much going on with the print, the shoes, the hair, the makeup. Too done up. I like the relaxed look of beyonce, WHICH SHE TOOOOTALLY pulled off.The other girl looked uncomfortable…

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