Designers have always been praised for the product they are doing. It is not very easy to come up with the idea regarding clothes which will be appealing to celebrities and people in general. 

Beautiful clothes have always played an essential part in various events. All the critics and news agencies look at how a celebrity is dressed and what he/she wears. This article will discuss the main events and places where designers’ clothes prove to be the most relevant.

Sport events

You all have probably heard about the Ballon d’Or award which features prominent football players around the world. However, players are not the only ones attending this event, with their wives or husbands are also present. Players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo always tend to choose clothes which are made by famous designers. Their female counterparts, as well, are inclined to wear these kinds of clothes. 

Football players are always under close scrutinization – what are they wearing, how they look. So they should always think about their outfit; therefore designers’ clothes prove to be essential in sports events.

Online casinos

While it goes without a question that dealers at real casinos should be dressed accordingly to the dress code, with the evolution of online casinos and live games, it has become crucial for live dealers to be dressed nicely. Some of the best VIP casino online providers always try to partner with famous designers so that they can use their clothes for their own dealers. It is not a surprising fact. Imagine being a gambler – you will definitely choose an online casino that has attractive dealers, with beautiful clothes and thus these casinos are determined to attract more people worldwide.

As has already been mentioned above, real casinos put no lesser effort to care about the selection of clothes of their dealers constantly.

The Academy Awards

The most common name for this event is the Oscars. The annual event in the United States, which gives awards to the best movies and actors worldwide is one of the most popular places where designers’ clothes are used frequently. No wonder, because as soon as the event ends, almost the entire social media is flooded with the announcements of how a particular celebrity was dressed. This is the moment when the dresses, trousers, shirts or boots are starting to gain worldwide attention. So the Oscars awards is definitely a place where you should pay close attention to your outfit.


While there appear to be more events where an outfit plays an important role, these places could be considered as the most popular ones in the world. Actually, the choice of clothes from prominent designers depends on the authority of the event you are attending. The more famous it is, the more essential it gets to wear decent clothes, and we have some facts when particular celebrities were a subject of ridicule when they were dressed ‘inappropriately’ according to some experts, which is not a thing to be proud about.