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Fanny Packs!

They say, “Not only did the pelvic purse serve as hands-free storage for your Lip Smackers (that waxy gloss that ended up all over his face instead of your lips), Walkman, and Gameboy, it was nothing short of a fashion necessity.” Read more here.

3 thoughts on “What’s Hot on Honey: Fanny Packs”

  1. Though i like the gold and black pak on the model.but i’m not to sure about the comeback right now.

  2. Fanny packs are a stretch, much like socks with sandals or wearing a sweater with shorts… :) The one in the pic is acceptable, but it is a slight deviation from the original fanny pack style. The younger generation can pull this off, but all mature diva’s should stick with a more traditional carry on

  3. Hi, i am looking for a fanny pack for my friend that is dying of stage4 turmonal lung cancer and has to carry a morphine pouch that looks like a fanny pack a real ugly pack. so I found your website that popped up first when googling. she is hoping that the doctors will take her off the pack but at this point i really don’t think they will. she wants something nice to have when she goes on her last cruise with her girls. so that is why i am emailing you . to see if you can help me out with a nice fanny pack that will hold her morphine and tubes that come with it. please email me if you can help . thank you have a great day

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