8 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Dawn Richard, and More!”

  1. First Lady Michelle’s look is classy-chic-sexy. She’s the baddest first lady EVER!

    I need Bey’s shoes in my life…

  2. Let me first start by saying I think we have a wonderful, classy first lady. I appreciate her willingness to take fashion risks, but I truly feel that people tend to say how much they love something she wears even when it isn’t nice just b/c we love the fact that she is our 1st lady & we always want to look at her as being fab. Hey we all mess up in the styling department sometimes..even our 1st lady. I am sorry but this shirt is not all that great to me. I give her credit for taking the fashion risk and keeping it classy & sexy all in one with the off the shoulder look but this top is not very nice.

  3. My vote goes the Mrs M.Obama…her style is chic, classy, sophisticated, and sexy all in one. she does it so effortlessly (sp)!!

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