Are you ready to roll the dice and test your luck at a nearby land-based casino but want to look the best doing that? We can say that casino is where you do not wish to be underdressed, as it will not make you look confident. After all, how many other events do you get to dress in such a manner?

Hence, you need to know a few casino dressing rules before deciding on your final outfit.

1. Get Inspiration from Casino’s Social Media:

You will usually find how others dress at the casino by browsing their social media accounts, especially Instagram. You can search the casino by hashtag to check the accounts of people who visited it a few weeks back. This can be a great inspiration for planning the right attire for an evening.

In fact, when you search for a casino, it makes sense to find the nearest land-based casinos. You can easily do this with the help of the internet. This way, when you search for inspirations online, it makes more sense now as the people who visit these casinos also live nearby and dress in something similar, which helps you make the right outfit decision.

2. Check the Dress Code Online:

Before you visit the casino, you must first check out the casino’s dress code for that evening. You can find this on their site or call them to confirm. It is usually semi-formal, white tie or black tie, and at times formal as well. 

a. Casual Wear:

As the name suggests, certain casinos recently allow people to wear more casual attires to feel comfortable spending long hours in the casino. 

b. Semi-Formal:

This is quite a standard dress code in many casinos. A woman can wear a cocktail dress or a pat-suit whereas men can wear a business suit with a tie and shoes. A dress might be the right attire if you visit the casino during the daytime. Men can wear a collared t-shirt and dark jeans paired with leather shoes.

c. Black Tie:

If a casino mentions the dress code as black-tie, show up wearing a long evening gown and high-heels shoes. Men should wear a white shirt, a black dinner jacket, a bow tie, and leather shoes. 

d. White Tie:

This dress code is required only during private events that take place at the casino. Men must wear a white bow tie, a white waistcoat, a black jacket, and matching trousers with black leather shoes. Women must preferably wear a long evening gown, gloves, and high-heeled shoes.

If a casino states no dress code, that means there are no restrictions, but you should also stick to standard casino fashion and be a bit more casual.

3. Stick to Current Fashion:

You cannot enter a casino wearing something that trended a decade back. While recycling clothes is a good idea, you should not wear outdated fashion.

Casinos stay updated with fashion and always suggest a dress code as per the current trend. If you are unsure how to style right based on current fashion, you need to browse more current trends as you plan the outfit. 

4. Dress your Age:

Different age groups dress differently, and whatever the casino’s dress code, you should always dress appropriately based on what suits you. When you browse through inspirations, look for people your age and what outfit they have selected.

5. Think About the Temperature:

Casinos are regulated indoors, but you should still dress according to the temperature outside as you will travel to the casino after all. Even though you take a car along, it still makes it more appropriate to wear dresses that go with the weather.

6. Accessorize:

A casino is a place where you should aim to look fancier than usual. You can go for dangly earrings, a flashy clutch, and silver and gold pieces of jewelry to just add to that glam. Do not forget to wear makeup well. 

As a guy, focus on the kind of shoes and watches you wear. You can be a bit loud in this environment.

Think of the Specifics:

If the casino is located inside the hotel, you definitely need to dress up. Just wear some casual clothes and show up as usual on Tuesday afternoon.

But, if you hit the same casino on a Saturday night, you will see fancier people dressed. You do not wish to be feeling underwhelmed; hence dress up. 

If you visit a stand-alone casino, then we do not recommend flip-flops any time of the day. Show up properly dressed. 

On the other hand, if the casino is in a beach town where people dress most of the time casually, this rule can be exempted.

The Bottom Line:

A casino is a place that presents the opportunity for you to dress glamorously. Not many of us get this chance often; hence, grab it in full swing when it is offered to you.

Several land-based casino operators are strict about their dress code, which could be a formal white tie or more casual. Check in advance before turning on their door to avoid embarrassment or being turned away from the entrance.