Can you feel it? The season for weddings is on the horizon! There are lots of trends floating around, so picking out that perfectly matched ensemble can definitely appear daunting. Luckily for you, you don’t have to invent anything! With this style guide by Fashion Bomb Daily, there is something for every guest, bridesmaid or groomsman! Scroll to shop some amazing new styles and trends to last you through the rest of spring and all summer long:


Get the look: $215 Fumi The Label NAOMI Dress in Aqua Blue

Jacquards and Brocades

Get the look: $295 Arianne Elmy Floral Good Luck Party Dress in Ivory Cream

Fringes and Tassels

Get the look: $900 Lukhanyo MdingiI One-Shoulder Fringed Ribbed Silk Maxi Dress

Tulle Pants

Get the look: $200 Oyemwen Candy Rainbow Tulle Pants

Balloon Sleeves

Get the look: $580 Israella Kobla ASHA | Off-Shoulder Mini Dress in Black and White Print

Thigh-High Slits

Get the look: $285 Sai Sankah Red High Slit Marcella Dress

For the Gents

Get the look: $990 3Paradis Arsy Black Freedom Doves Blazer and 3Paradis Army Ivory Freedom Doves Blazer

Will you be wearing any of these trends?

Main Image: Fumi The Label, Israella Kobla + IG/Reproduction