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So I’m finally psychologically and physically recovered from the onslaught of yore. Still, I realized that some of you might be wondering why in the world the Viktor & Rolf collection caused such a fury.

To get an answer, I tapped Fashion Editor Robin Givhan for a bit of insight.

That’s her with Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger, after he presented her with a 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism. Yup, a Pulitzer. If you haven’t heard of Robin Givhan (no, she’s not Mike Tyson’s ex-wife), then you might just need to ask somebody. Robin Givhan is hands down one of the most clever, witty, and well-versed fashion journalists in the industry. Her style and cultural criticisms in the Washington Post (on subjects ranging from American Idol to Dick Cheney to Karl Lagerfeld) have garnered her worldwide acclaim. I once read over 100 or so of her clips (ya know, just for fun one Sunday)…and I honestly felt like I took a semester long course in fashion history and design.

I got in touch, and she was happy to bless me with her wisdom (and now y’all get to join the fun–how exciting!)
Below, an unedited interview. Enjoy!

*When did Viktor & Rolf emerge on the fashion scene?
They started to get noticed in the 1990s. They began by showing couture
rather than ready-to-wear and caused quite a stir with their “mushroom
cloud” silhouettte.

* What design elements are they known for? Materials? Details?
They are known for strong silhouettes and for their use of details such as ruffles and bows.

* What did you think of their show this season? Any surprising elements?
Their show this season was based on ballroom dancing. To evoke an appropriate mood, they created a ballroom setting complete with cocktail tables, bottles of champagne and crystal chandeliers. The show opened with a couple dancing. One of the most striking features were shoes with crytal heels. The clothes are actually rather conservative. The show ended with
pairs of men ballroom dancing in celebration of their new menswear fragrance.

*What celebrities are known to sport their frocks?
The most famous celebrity is Tilda Swinton who was the inspiration for one of their shows. All the models were styled to look like her.

* How much do their clothes retail for?
How high is the sky? (Just kidding.) A dress is probably around $1,500 or so.

* Are their designs relevant for a younger demographic?
I think their sensibility is relevant to younger customers. They can be real pranksters. But the clothes are quite grown-up and require a strong personality. These are not starlet clothes but rather diva clothes.

Good thing I snagged one of their diva dresses (perfect for yours truly).

Want more Robin? Check out her articles here.

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