“The details of your incompetance don’t interest me”–Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada

Although the correct clothes and accessories are important elements of style, small, unexpected details are the cherry on top of a polished look. As Kimora Lee Simmons says in her book Fabulosity (which you should read–really!), “You only have a moment to make an impression these days, and your personal appearance is going to do a lot of talking.” At business events of course the overall look is important, but a small detail like a nice business card case’ll show you go the extra mile.

This is what I was working with before:

Yeah…I think I got this for free somewhere (and it probably wasn’t meant to last very long). It’s busted and scratched, and everytime I bring it out, I cringe a little.

I decided to go to this cute store called Extraordinary* around the corner from my house (on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn):

The store has cute lamps, artwork, candles, cards, and other classy gifts:

I thought they’d probably have business card cases, so I checked out their selection:

Every case ranged in price from $15-$50, so it was pretty affordable.

Logic would dictate that I go with the cheapest option, but of course, I fell in love with this mother of pearl case, made in Thailand and on the expensive side ($45):

Cute, huh? Yes, I bought it. My sister made fun of me for spending $45, but that’s really nothing compared to the impression it could make when handing out cards in business situations. Every little bit counts!

If you’re ever looking for a really cute gift for a coworker (or for yourself!), visit the nice people over at Extraordinary*.

They’re located at 195 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn between Berkeley Place and Union Street. If you’re in the city, their other location is at 251 East 57th Street between 2nd and 3rd. See pix of their selection and shop online at www.extraordinaryny.com.