Foxy Brown may be deaf and gone, but her 90’s era banger with Backstreet “Gotta Get You Home” still gets play on my ipod:


Everyone say it with me, “Uh oh uh oh!

2 thoughts on “Video: Gotta Get You Home by Foxy Brown featuring Blackstreet”

  1. Foxy’s no longer deaf. She regained her hearing (she wears an aid on her left ear) back in 2006 .. she had an interview with NY’s Angie Martinez (Hot 97) and she briefly discussed her hearing loss.

    in 2007, she went to jail. In 2008, she put out an independent street mixtape called “brooklyn’s don diva” .. check out the singles “Star Cry” & “Lights Go Out” ..both were good songz. The album was ok too.
    foxy brown – lights go out
    foxy brown – star cry

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