Cocktail parties with a dress code are so common nowadays. But not many of us have a straight idea about what this means. 

What is meant by ‘cocktail attire’? For “LIT” parties and other semi-formal events, you can wear cocktail dresses. Women generally wear shiny dresses with stilettos and flashy accessories to add the bling. You can experiment with different kinds of dresses, be innovative, and fun. The range of colors you can choose is wide, starting from gold to rose gold to scarlet red to bold turquoise, and more. 

Now, turning heads at a cocktail party is not simply about knowing your wine and old fashioned cocktail syrup, but also about choosing appropriate apparel and accessories. If you need some ideas to set it rolling for you, then keep reading.

How to do your cocktail attire right?

  • You have every reason to wear that pretty footwear that is waiting in the corner of your shoe rack. The shinier, the better, but ensure that the shoes are comfortable so that you can walk with ease. After all, elegance gets the push when you feel confident. Go for shoes made of plush materials or are stone-studded. 
  • Want to try a jumpsuit? Go to town! Let the plush fabric make you look exotic. You can play with bold colors and luxe fabric like silk or satin. Want to be a little more adventurous? Then try out animal printed jumpsuits that look absolutely out of the world. Team the ensemble with matching stilettos, a classy sling bag, and sparkly jewelry. 
  • We all know that parties are fun, and with a cocktail party dress, you can fully show off the sexy side of your personality. Keep your options open when it comes to statement jewelry and fancy accessories. Get all dolled up and hit the party with confidence.
  • Wearing jeans or canvas sneakers for a cocktail party? Do you think it is appropriate? Yes, you love comfort, but a cocktail party is meant to show off your fancier side, right? So, avoid wearing jeans of any kind. If you are interested in wearing pants, then go for a pair of shimmer trousers or sparkly jumpsuits. You can team it up with a pair of dressy mules, and be at ease till the event lasts. 
  • If you are not a handbag person, well, good enough, then carry a sling bag but not a backpack, pretty please! Carry a smaller bag to move freely at the party. You want the heads to turn but not because you look all messed up but because you look spectacular right? So, be poised and comfortable only then will you be able to enjoy the party and look your best. 

To keep things straight, don’t go overboard with dressing up. Wearing anything too short or too revealing might be a little distasteful. Not that it matters, but you wouldn’t want people judging you for no reason at all. If your dress is a little short, you can use a pair of tights that go well with your skirt, and in case it is a dress that is too revealing, maybe consider adding a chic jacket that will look truly awe-inspiring.