“Hey you girl in a de tight up skirt/Ya make me head swell ’til me blood vessel burst/Hey you girl in a de tight up shorts/Ya speed up ten more beats to me heart.”–Red Rat, “Tight Up Skirt.”

Hey Y’all,
So summertime weather is in full effect, and what better way to keep cool that poppin on a pair of shorts? Worn properly, they epitomize sexy, and can make you look young and fresh.
Let’s take a look at celebs to see how to rock ’em:
Keep it casual like Beyonce in a pair of loose white cotton shorts…


Or channel Nicole Richie’s cool factor in a pair of button cuffs…

For nights out, dress ’em up with stilettos sandals a la Christina Milian…

Or pop on a pair of bold colored pumps a la Kelis…

Too shy for high hems? Take a cue from Amerie and wear a set of bermudas…

…but make it more summer appropriate with a pair of wedges.
For rules as to what NOT to do, one need look no further than songstress Mariah Carey.

Daisy Dukes are OUT…

…as are hoochie-fi-hoochie pum pum shorts.
Keep it respectable with the following:

Top Row: Linen Safari Short, $17.80, www.forever21.com; Tibi Jet Set Bermudas, $75, www.anthropologie.com.
Bottom Row: Sateen Shorts with Piping, $58, www.ardenb.com; Lux Bright Canvas Resort Short, $38.00, www.urbn.com.


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