“Jones, the latest “It Girl” to burst onto Manhattan’s social scene, may have no regular job but is nonetheless a vital cog in the fashion industry’s marketing machine. Dressing up and having her photograph taken, Jones helps fashion and luxury-goods companies pitch their products simply through being associated with her.”–Teri Agins, ‘How ‘It’ Girl Scaled World of Fashion, One Party at a Time’, Wall Street Journal, Sept 14, 2006.

So for this week’s Style File I switched it up a bit. Instead of profiling a singer, rapper, or America’s Next Top Model, I decided to take a look at one of the few African-American ‘socialites’ (including Bonnie Morrison and Rachel Roy) New York Magazine deemed worth mentioning in a recent article:


…Genevieve Jones.

Teri Agins of the Wall Street Journal did an *amazing* investigative article on Ms. Jones last September. Everyone wanted to know: How did she become a socialite? Teri found that Genevieve made her way into upper crust society by befriending the right people (like Zac Posen) and being bold (for example, jumping in front of Andre Leon Talley and dancing with him at a Donna Karen party). Unlike her colleagues, she didn’t go to college, is a little old ( 31, not 27 as she claims), and lacks a trust fund. Mystere et boule de gomme.
Whoever she is, her style is one of a kind. Let’s take a look:
Ms. Jones updates classic black dresses with fringe details, sequins, and embellished bags…

Remixes summer whites with ruffles, understated baubles, and side swept hairdos…

Accentuates her small waist with belts over both coats and dresses…

And keeps top designers seduced in thigh skimming dresses and shorts…

Want the socialite look? Start with these pieces:

Top Row: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hammered Silk Satin Dress, $170, www.saks.com; Clu Ruffle Trim Dress, $100, shopbop.com

Bottom Row; Necessary Objects Lace Babydoll Dress, $68, www.nordstrom.com; Hamptons Belt, $11.80, www.forever21.com.
PS Missed the article? Read more about the enigma that is G. Jones here.

13 thoughts on “Style File: Genevieve Jones”

  1. i have been enamored with genevieve jones ever since reading an article about her in a magazine last year. i don’t care where she came from and what her credentials are, she’s fabulous! i love her sense of style, her gorgeous face and skin, and the fact that she made it to upper-crust new york society without a silver spoon in her mouth.

  2. I never realized there were any black socialites. Thanks for this eye opening article. I really love and admire Miss Jones’ tenacity. Sisters are truly doing it for themselves, lol.

  3. Isn’t she an interior designer to the stars? She’s been profiled a quite a bit lately in various publications. I envy her..lol


  4. She basically used her connections in the “upper crust of new york society” and fashion sense to finagle her way into the design business. A lot of boldness and courage and being in the right place at the right time really paid off for her!

    Great post, Claire!

  5. I was wondering who in the heck she was! Love the boldness but I always thought she looked a bit weird in the face. Lol…I won’t hate the player in her but I do wonder how did she afford the gear when she was still trying to make friends? Off to read the article!

  6. Funny! Gen does not take kindly to that Wall Street Journal article at all. You should have referenced my article it was more accurate.


    Great pics though as always!

    PS–She did go to college…she dropped out!

  7. The “wealthy former boyfriend” to which that article alludes is painter Francesco Clemente.

    Best I can say–she wears pretty clothes. Sometimes.

  8. Love this chic. About a year ago Vogue made chic female of the month.

    Racheal Roy is not African-American. She 1/2 Swedish and 1/2 Indian

  9. Rachel Roy isn’t African-American.

    Susan Fales-Hill is African-American, and I see her all the time in Town & Country, W, etc.

  10. Racheal Roy is not African-American. She 1/2 Swedish and 1/2 Indian

    Actually, it’s not Swedish. She’s 1/2 Dutch.

  11. I don’t know why this girl gets love. She slept with a rich family man to get everything she has, hasn’t worked a day in her life. No respect for hookers, sorry. Socialites are famous for doing nothing, no respect regardless of color…

  12. everybody in nyc know the wealthy man is painter francesco clemente that was renting out a place for her on 301 elizabeth..she has no ass and here legs are so not straight!

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