There were plenty of ’80s-’90s designer jean “status” labels: Sergio Valente, Girbaud, Jordache. But none gave you more instant cache than that little triangle on your back pocket…


Guess Jeans!With their second-skin fit, cool washes, and ads featuring style icons like Naomi Campbell, Anna Nicole Smith, Claudia Schiffer, and Drew Barrymore, the Guess formula of sexy+chic+celebrity=trend explosion broke ground for much of the denim craze we see today. And…

(I told y’all we were going back today!)
There was probably no better ad for Guess jeans than Janet’s “Pleasure Principle” video (you know you tried to do this dance–Guess jeans or not–at least once!).And could you Guess that:
-Guess Jeans ran about $60 a pair–about $100-$150 in today’s money?
-Guess was created as “American West meets European Sensibility?”
-Everyone from Miss Jackson to Grandmaster Flash to Wu-Tang have paid tribute to Guess in some way?
-The company currently focuses more on accessories and has launched independent Guess accessory stores ?
Tell us your Guess memories ;-)