So a handful of celebs were close by in Monte Carlo, Monaco for the World Music Awards! As always, their outfit choices begged for a few Fashion Bomb Hot or Hmm reflections…


I must admit, like milk, marriage has done Mimi’s body lots of good! But when will we see her in something that’s not super skin tight?? This lady in red gets a Hmm…
The ever beautiful and evolving Alicia Keys performed in a ruffled satin gown with amazing platform stilettos. Ladies, this is how you do black! Definitely hot!
British songstress Estelle took to the stage, also wearing a ruffled number. A little black dress is always chic, but something about the proportions, footless tights and so so shoes make me go Hmm…
And what awards show would be complete without the Knowles sisters???

Solange performed in a great black and white combo topped off by Hot! neon shoes. I’m taking notes!
And of course Sasha fierce performed for all the single ladies, working a military inspired jacket and Hot! gold sandals. Snaps to Beyonce for her new image, but does anyone else think she’s channeling ‘Michael Jackson’ with the one glove and tassle/braid trimmed jacket?
I’m just sayin…
What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…:World Music Awards”

  1. mariah always looks like a teenage gurl, who recently lost weight and vowed to herself when she got thin, she would only wear skin tight clothing….bbbboooorrriiinnggg

    alicia looks freak frackin’ bangin as always, u cant hide a brickhouse body like dat…..fabolous

    estelle has her own sense of style, which is so appreciated in the “we kool so we wear 80’s clothes” entertainment world…i actually like da dress, it looks like her style, although i think she could have paired it w/ something different…the dress is meant 2 b da center of attention, but it is competing w/ her leggings and shoes….itz aight

    solange looks so young and fresh, i love her outfit, although i really like da way she dresses………2 hot 2 trot!!!!

    b oh b oh b….what is goin’ on w/ her…we all know she is the glamour gown queen, but she doesnt make a good transition when it comes 2 switching up her styles…and whats w/ da robo glove, mayb its a secret mini dildo lolol….. (damn dat was hard 2 write about b)….she’ll make me proud next time ‘roun…..tired


  2. beyonce is a dream in mcqueen, however I do not condone that discount yaki! where the eff was kimberly kimble? bey never performs in her “i got indian in my family” vacation hair. no lace fronts were on deck? (still love you Bey!)

  3. I think Bey is trying to be Mike on purpose. All so creative fab wonderfulness going on in her beautiful mind that will be explaned later. She looks fab as always.

  4. Bey is definitely channeling the “gloved one” but her shoes are hot. I love Alicia’s shoes and Mariah, I’m bored(yawn).

  5. lol.
    Mrs Carter… nothing to say.. the more she comes back she got to come up with newness.. Estlle.. n the tights strange.. is mr Carey happy?

    Nice site.

  6. Beyonce’s “new” image is quite similar Rhianna’s good girl, gone bad” image. I’m just saying…

  7. Beyonce’s “new” image is quite similar Rhianna’s good girl, gone bad” image. I’m just saying…

  8. Beyonce’s “new” image is quite similar Rhianna’s good girl, gone bad” image. I’m just saying…

  9. I don’t see anything *new* about Beyonce’s look. It was actually quite average (you know how many girls in Baltimore have similar leggings) and boring. As far as Solange, she’s the product of a well oiled publicity machine.

  10. What in the holy hell is on Beyonce’s head. I’m sorry, but she needs to sit down. I’m over it.

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