Celebs came out in full swing this week looking amazing at events, parties and charity functions:

Shingai Shoniwa,Tallulah Adeyemi, Lupe and Kenna

Kerry Washington

Corbin Bleu and Katerina Graham

Solange Knowles Janelle Monae


Keke Palmer POY

Neyo and Alex Burke

Rihanna VEVO

Though we always stan for the fashion that Rihanna and Kerry Washington bring each time they’re at an event, it seems that this week, they’ve been dethroned by duo Shingai Shoniwa and Tallulah Adeyemi.  I just love that blue jumpsuit and the white asymetrical gown with the blue detail on the shoulder.  Very chic…no?

Who won this week for you?


12 thoughts on “This Week In Chic: Lupe Fiasco, Kerry Washington, Rihanna and more!”

  1. Rihanna won. Ciara shouldn’t be on the list this week. I love Mary’s hair. Kerry always looks beautiful and chic. I’m glad Keri is back with the dark hair and cute urban wear.

  2. Don’t you just love beautiful black people!! I know I do. I am not feeling dirty money’s look

  3. Everyone looks faboosh in their very own way…(sigh)… except Ciara. I mean, tis the season, but the holiday Super-hero look is a bit much! LUVZ the dress Solange is rockin…it’s the perfect blend of safe neutral colors with a daring hemline/dainty details. Work! PS…Neyo, sweetie…I’m tired of seeing you…I want to HEAR you! Next album please!

  4. Kerri Washington looks too cute I like the bright lipstick. I like Dawn’s outfit, but would change the pants. In fact I’m going to try to find a similiar right now. :)

  5. Shingai and Tallulah look absolutely gorgeous, and Kerry is always a winner in my book. I like Rih’s shoes, but not a fan of the outfit really.

    And lastly, I REALLY wish lady gaga would fall into the la brea tar pits already. I am SOOOOO over her random a$$ style. NEXT!

  6. lady gaga looks like she’s just wearing a curtain or something. i don’t get her “style.” love her voice though so i’m content with that. 50 looks a little scraggly. i think keri looks the best!

  7. Ciara and Lady Gaga look a fool this week! Everyone else is fab, and I love the duo of blues at the top as well!

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