7 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day: Ciara’s Christian Louboutin Supra Red Fifre Nappa Boots”

  1. Nooo… they look like hooker boot… I’m sorry maybe if they where black or maybe she worn with all black outfit… either way not a good look Ci Ci

  2. I see the girls are mad and alll shook up….

    Bothered cause they cant afford the 2k boots.
    Ciara looks amazing!

  3. Ciara looks hot! When you’re open-minded to fashion (which is the whole point to fashion) and have a great body, anything goes! And with a name like Louboutin behind a boot, it’s gonna rock!

  4. Love the boots…very sexxy..For once I love something that Ciara is wearing!..Lol..

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