By Stephanie Ramlogan for Fashion Bomb Daily

Brazilian shoe brand Melissa is known for their plastic, or “Jellies” but the brand offers so much more! Aside from being a great vegan alternative to animal leathers, their list of pluses seems to keep growing! They’re uniquely made 100% of plastic, from the upper to the sole. The “P” word definitely gets a bad rap in the fashion industry, particularly for environmental implications, but Melissa is actually a sustainable zero waste shoe company. All the factory’s water and waste are recycled, as well as old shoe stock, which is melted down to make new styles. For comfort, I give them all the stars! They’re made of a very flexible material and are cushioned at the sole. They also smell great as they’re infused with some yummy subtle fruit fragrance, a small detail that still stands out. Of course, they’re also waterproof, so perfect for the season, especially the high boots that are padded with neoprene for extra warmth.

While they clearly are winning in the function department, you might expect the aesthetic to be dull, but they keep impressing. Throughout the year they collaborate with covetous high-end designers like Jason Wu, Vivienne Westwood, Marine Serre and Comme des Garçons! The best part (yes, it keeps getting better) is the price point! Shoes are typically within the $100 range, with higher end collabs staying well below the $300 mark.  I had to head over to their NYC Soho store to see (and smell) them for myself! At Comme des Garçons Paris Fashion Week show this year, this collaboration is actually what walked the runway.

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Transparent neutral Comme des Garçons lace-ups, with a saw dust like texture


Comme des Garçons x Melissa for Men


Jason Wu


Vivienne Westwood


Marine Serre