By Limsan Boulter (@limo_x) for Fashion Bomb Daily

A fleeky, sharp winged eyeliner will forever be an elegant eye makeup look. Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with the ability to do perfect cat eyes’ every morning. Let alone be able to do the same on the other eye!


Young Australian university graduate cleverly came up with an easy solution to fix wonky and uneven eyeliner. Iris Smit from Perth featured on Australian’s version of Shark Tank earlier this year where she blew the sharks away with her The Quick Flick product, managing the secure a $300,000 investment.

Officially launched in June 2017, The Quick Flick simply is an eyeliner stamp and pen combined into one. The formula is insanely waterproof as well as vegan and cruelty free.


Easy to use and taking the Instagram world by storm, The Quick Flick is sure to be the next must-have in your make up bag.

How to use it? All you need to do is stamp the ‘winged’ end on the outer corner of your eyes. Flip the pen over and complete your eyeliner by using the brush side to connect the wing to the rest of your eye.


They are available in 3 sizes; Petite (8mm), Modest (10mm) and Grande (12mm) in a classic black color named Intense Black. The Quick Flick has also recently branched out into 2 new colors, Hot Fudge (deep chocolate brown) or Blue Velvet (dark navy blue).


The Quick Flick will set you back $35AUD/$26USD and offers international shipping. Get yours now here.



Do you have problems doing your eyeliner? Will you be trying out The Quick Flick? Give the #FashionBombDaily team your thoughts in the comments below.