Since Covid19 hit a lot of people have been working remote. While it is easy to show up in your pyjamas research shows that suiting up for work, even if your “commute” is just from the bedroom to the kitchen, you will be more efficient and productive. If you are going back to the office, then what you wear will definitely have an impact on your mood and others. Dress for success isn’t just an expression and this article, I will be giving you all the latest to looking good every day. 

#1: High Collar Shirts

If you want to make an impression choose high collar shirts. These comfortable button-up shirts look great on everyone. For a more casual day at the office pick an American Gingham dress shirt paired with a light trouser. high collar shirts are usually something you would need to order custom but you can now get an incredible range of colours and styles at Sebastian Cruz.

Known as the S by Sebastian shirt this shirt looks great on different body types – highlighting broad shoulders and slimming the waistline. Here are a few tips to picking the right style for you:

  1. Casual or Business – light blue paisley or brushed carbon works well for either
  2. Special Event at Night- choose a bold colour like Midnight Oxford 
  3. Wedding or Daytime Event – pick a shirt that complements your event colours and add a dinner jacket and waistcoat for added elegance and class

Even if you are working from home you will appreciate high collar shirts that stay in place and never look uneven. 

#2: Accessories 

Its incredible what a small bit of fabric can add to your look but accessories matter. If you have an important presentation or interview add a sharp necktie. These can be subtle or paired with a muted shirt can add a necessary pop of colour, pattern, and style. 

I love a black high collar shirt and burgundy Nero carnation necktie perfect for a date night out or a business meeting over dinner. For a special event wear a bowtie or pocketsquare. Blues looks good on everyone and a rich blue Azure bowtie against gunmetal, black, or a crisp white shirt will look great. 

Last but not least, nothing says success like cufflinks. Small but impressive cufflinks add that special something to your whole look. 

#3: The Jacket 

Like putting on a uniform a nice jacket makes you feel dressed and in charge. If you want to make a statement at an important fundraiser or look the part at an interview choose a jacket that makes the right impact. For a daytime event choose a bold jacket like the Prussian Dahlia. Matched with a crisp white shirt and slacks, this is the perfect look for an important lunch meeting or day at the country club. For a dinner event pair your higher collar shirt with a beautiful dinner jacket. If it’s a black-tie event choose white and black paisley dinner jacket. You will be grateful for the entrance you make. 

For the perfect look make sure your hair and beard are trimmed as well so let’s check out 10Twick.