Like any other sport, wearing the proper attire in a golf game is highly essential. Also dubbed as a rich man’s sport, dressing appropriately is part of the sport’s proper etiquette.  

Most of the time, you would witness professional players such as Tiger Woods wearing classic mens golf polo shirts in their games. Yet, there are also different ways that you can style up your clothes when playing golf. Check out these clothing combinations that you can wear on your next golf game. 

The Classic Get-up

Blending with the crowd is somewhat an easy thing to do when playing golf because, for decades, there has been a popular combination worn by golf players, which consists of the following.

Polo Shirts

When it comes to upper wear, nothing beats the traditional men’s golf polo shirts. The most popular choices include navy blue and marooned color clothing. Polo shirts are generally favorable due to its breathy and comfortable material.

Khaki pants

It is essential that your golf attire should not only be comfortable but also does not restrict your movement. With the swing of the hips, khaki pants allow for full-motion of your body, which is why it became the go-to option for most players. 

Spiked Golf Shoes

Despite the popularity of wearing sneakers, spiked golf shoes remain a favorite choice among professionals. Their designs and materials are devised precisely for its use in the golf course, which is why there is no beating to it when it comes to comfort and functionality. 

The Chic Modern Attire

Millennial golf players, as well as the fashion industry, paved the way for a more fashionable way to dress up for golf. If you wish to look stylish and chic even when playing, here is the best attire combination that you should wear. 

DRI-fit golf polo

You can somewhat see that most sports attire incorporates the use of dry-flex materials in their uniforms, and golf is no exception. Recently, the breathable and light material of a dry-fit polo precedes over the cotton-made polo. Dri-fit golf polos also come with more fashionable and edgy designs consisting of neon colors and abstract shapes, which is why it is popular among young players. 

Golf Pants

Made precisely for golfing, these kinds of pants resemble slacks and chinos. Color choices for golf wear come in many options, which will depend on your upper wear. If you have dark-colored polo, it is better to opt for a cream-colored or khaki like golf pants. On the other hand, if you are wearing brightly colored shirts, there are also dark blue pants that will match.


Nothing screams chic and modern rather than a pair of sneakers. Way back in the 2000s, it became an international trend worn by teenagers and adults alike. Today, sneakers continue to be a fashion icon both in casual and sport settings. 

To play comfortably, choose to wear dark-colored sneakers so that dirt will not easily stick to your shoes, unlike when wearing white sneakers.

There are hundreds of combinations that you can wear when playing golf and take it as something that is fun to do. However, it is ultimately your fashion choices that matter, and it is equally essential to be comfortable in what you wear.