Meta Description: oval-shaped stones appear larger per carat due to their elongated shape. This shape offers beautiful and more affordable options for engagement rings.

Among all of 2023’s upcoming wedding trends, oval-shaped engagement rings have caught our eye. Oval center stones have brilliant sparkle and look a bit larger per carat, making them a more affordable option. 

Gorgeous in its own right, the oval also looks amazing in almost any setting, making it an ideal choice. Don’t believe us? Here are the most popular oval-shaped engagement ring styles for 2023!

2023 Engagement Ring Trends

Want to upgrade your everyday look? You’re in luck. Oval-shaped stones are a popular pick this year, making them a great contender among 2023’s other engagement ring trends.

Art deco and vintage-inspired rings, yellow gold, and matching wedding band sets are all in this year–and these styles look great with oval center stones. 

Why Ovals are a Great Choice 

Oval-shaped diamonds have tons of brilliant sparkle. Their glittery look is iconic. All that sparkle can help hide any imperfections in the diamond. You can easily save some money by finding an eye-clean oval diamond in the VS range. 

The soft shape of the oval has a romantic look. Historically, round was the most popular choice for engagement rings. Choosing an oval gives a modern twist on classic looks while still having a stunning brilliant appeal. 

The elongated shape gives more finger coverage. Ovals have more surface area than other shapes, making them look larger per carat than a round stone. 

Ovals are more affordable. As it turns out, fancy-shaped diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds. Not only does the same carat weight look larger in ovals, you can get a much larger stone at a lower cost.

Unique Oval Engagement Rings 

Unique engagement ring settings are very popular this year. People love an out-of-the-box look that speaks to the wearer’s personal style. Expressing yourself is big in 2023!

The Twig is a great example of a stunning engagement ring with an unexpected twist. The delicate band exudes glamour while the two round side stones tie in the glittery sparkle of the oval-shaped center stone. 

Oval Stones Take Center Stage

The double-stone trend of last year has sparked a newfound appreciation for the classic solitaire style. Single-stone settings are trending big time! 

If you choose a solitaire setting, oval-shaped stones are absolutely the way to go. The brilliant sparkle is unmatched, and their elongated shape means they take up more space. The finger coverage it gives makes for a stunning look, and the shape needs no help to shine. 

The Lexie is a stunning solitaire setting with smooth, modern lines. The elegance of this setting allows the oval to take center stage, making it the ideal solitaire setting.

Oval Meets Art Deco

It is forecasted that art deco will be on trend in 2023. It’s like the roaring 20s have returned! Stunning soft, geometric lines look fantastic with an oval-shaped stone. 

Yellow gold is also very trendy this year. While rose gold was the staple choice of the art deco era, yellow gold gives a timeless appeal to vintage pieces. 

The Amber setting is brought to life thanks to the yellow gold giving a spotlight to brilliant white diamonds. The combination of the 20’s-inspired piece, lustrous yellow gold, and oval-shaped center stone makes this engagement ring the trifecta of trendy. 

Lab Grown Diamonds 

Lab-grown diamonds are a trend we can get with. Lab diamonds are a more earth-conscious choice, and they’re also around half the price of a comparable natural stone. 

Many couples today choose to save on an engagement ring and spend that money to invest in a home instead. Others prefer to go with the more eco-friendly option. With lab diamonds, you don’t have to choose!

Lab-grown diamonds are much more affordable than natural diamonds. This makes stunning (and opulent) engagement rings like The Adelle to be more than within reach. 

Brilliant lab diamonds encrust the band, creating endless glittering shimmer. To top it off, it features a lavish oval-shaped lab diamond. Et voila! You have jaw-dropping elegance in an earth-friendly package. What’s not to love about that? 

Matching Sets 

Matching sets are making waves this year, and perfect pairs are super popular. Some fit together like puzzle pieces, while others create a perfect look using the balance of negative space. Either way, the matching pair look is in style this year. 

The studded sparkle of The Hidden Halo Penelope engagement ring is twice as nice when paired with a matching wedding band. Round brilliant diamonds accentuate the brilliance of the oval-shaped center stone. 

The slight overlap from the oval’s elongated shape onto the wedding band makes it the perfect duo. The matching set plays on negative space while coming together for one cohesive, sleek & sparkly look. 

Another Set! 

If you’re looking for even more sparkle, sets like The Kristen might be your match! Featuring lots of brilliant sparkle from round and marquise lab diamonds, the brilliance from the pave band complements and enhances the shine of your oval stone. 

Elongated shapes like the oval are ideal for stacking and go particularly well with chevron-shaped wedding bands. The elongated shape of the oval center stone amplifies the sparkle feature of this set. 

Should You Buy A Trendy Oval Engagement Ring?

Style comes and goes, but ovals and gold are something that’ll never lose popularity. If you and your loved one choose an oval-shaped engagement ring, a style that will be highly popular throughout 2023, chances are you’ll both be in love with it for years to come.