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So I’m back, unscathed, from Roberto Cavalli. No fights a la Viktor & Rolf (thankfully), but I didn’t cop anything! Why? I’m a bum and totally didn’t wake up early enough to get a respectable place in line.
I power walked over to H&M at 51st and 5th this morning at 9:50 (read 10 minutes before H&M opened), and quel surprise!
…the line was dumb long. Perhaps the longest I’ve ever seen it?
I wanted to get a few quick pix of Fashion Bomb-esque readers before the floodgates opened, so I headed straight to the front wondering: How long have you been waiting?
Janet, Darvin, Tatiana, and Xander….
….said that they’d been waiting in line since 6:30. They came for the clothes, clothes, clothes…I absolutely love that Xander was still able pose while on the phone. And shout out to Tatiana who’s a fan of the Fashion Bomb!
Mike, John, and Keisha…

…had been waiting since 7:30 with coffee in hand. They said they’d had a late night and just decided to go home, change, and walk over to H&M. Talk about dedication!
This fabulously stylish group…
….had been waiting 2 hours. Can you believe they initially didn’t want to get snapped (citing head scarves)?? I thought they looked wonderful!
Last but not least, Fama, Alex, and Lindsay…
….held it down for a respectable hour.
With a line this long….
…I figured I wasn’t destined to own any of Cavalli’s H&M issue exotic print dresses. But I hopped on the end anyway just to see if I could get lucky.
The queue moved pretty quickly, and once I got in….
….of course, total mayhem!
Unlike Viktor & Rolf and Madonna, the racks and tables were literally wiped clean….
….nothing, and I mean nothing was left by 10:15!
Roberto Cavalli himself was in the house taking pictures and watching the girls go mad…

….this group…
…was actually screaming for him like he was a rockstar.
Though I couldn’t find even a scrap of leopard print chiffon, not everyone suffered the same sad fate….
….some were very, very lucky.
Look out for those dresses on Ebay!
I must admit: these designer sales are exhausting. And almost insane. I think third time’s a charm for me…
So. Did y’all go to H&M this morning? How was it round your neck of the woods?
* Seems it was just as crazy in London.

13 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb Does…Roberto Cavalli @ H&M”

  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it here in Chicago (couldn’t get off work!) but I was wondering: don’t they restock? For the M line by Madonna I went a couple weeks after the launch and there was a full supply.

  2. I knew 5th Ave would be bananas so I went to the 59th and Lex H&M. The length of the line actually gave me hope of getting in. And I did, I got in — I got nothing but I got in. Doors opened at 10am and I walked in through at 10:00:45 (that’s seconds) and tried to push my way past empty hanging racks without getting poked in the eye to grab a leopard bustier off the wall, only thing that was still on the wall on the women’s side but, alas, I was too late. The only things that were replenished if you will were the lingerie. Men fared better. They could still pick things up off the rack as late as 10:15am. The kind staff stripped the mannequins for whomever asked first. The window mannequins get stripped tonight I was told, of course those are size 2-. I did witness a lot of trading since people were just grabbing whatever but mostly I saw people buying in multiples for friends and of course, Ebay.
    *Do they restock? No. Not with something this popular that sold out within 30 minutes.

  3. Well I guess I missed the memo that the Robert Cavalli line was only going to be released in 6 stores!! At least thats what one of the reps in the Norfolk, VA store told me. :( Booo! I love living here, but its times like these….Monie Love

  4. I must be old! It never even occurs to me to try to get any of these lines. I mean, H&M and Target aren’t of the highest quality. Are these special lines any better or is this strictly about of-the-minute fashion?

  5. I work on 5th ave and that line was so sick…hahaha…roberto was a happy man today…
    im not even gonna walk in there afterwork…
    see you at the event on sunday claire!


  6. I’m from Paris and i went to the closest h&m near my school (H&M HAUSSMANN for those who might know!) after class which means 6pm ahah so of course there was NOTHING beside some men suits which looked kinda good actually. men are just lucky sometimes!

  7. wow! i’ll be there tomorrow. i plan on going to the lexington one, but if there’s nothing there oh well, i already saw loads of stuff on ebay

  8. That looks crazy. I ddin’t go because I’m not fond of this designer. It seems people spent good time!Thanks for the pictures, so now I could describe the atmosphere as if I were there!!!!

  9. none of designer lines at h&m excite me to the point that i’d want stand on line for hours and then act like i’m at a rodeo to get a dress. for me, an important part of shopping is the experience, and i can tell i’d feel claustrophobic in that sitution. its cool that cavalli was actually at the store though.

  10. I was at the 5th ave location and a bunch of my friends from FIT all stayed since 6am so I was number #36 in line. It was bedlam in there. Look what I ended up with:
    Oh and Wendy Williams was in there. I peeped her, she was too late though she was standing with nothing!

    2 Leopard Gowns
    1 Faux Fur Bomber
    2 Gold Sequin Dresses
    1 leopard corset
    2 black corsets
    1 ruffle white shirt
    2 Zebra Short Dresses
    1 Leopard Short Dress
    1 Gold tunic with leopard ruffles

    I’m selling some of the items but not on ebay. Send me an email if you woud like to buy or trade anything nj********@ho*****.com

  11. I sure made it to opening in Toronto, Ontario and got some fiyah black straight leg (not skinny) jeans. I got to the store @ 1:30pm and it openned @ 10am so there was about 7 items left plus a bunch of leopard print bras. However, fate was in my favour b/c everything was a size 12!!!!!! Worth every minute of my time!

  12. I made it to the Birmingham(UK) store 40 minutes after it opened,I thought I got the date wrong,no crowds & where was the colection?Everthing was sold out in 20 mins. the shop asistant told me!
    I did manage to purchase a beautiful silk tunic dress & few smaller items……how? hanging by the changing rooms for the rejects!

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