Shopping isn’t any good unless you’re scoring some unique fashion that will force your crew to hit you with, “Girl, where did you get that from?”

The rise of social media has birthed thousands of online boutiques that unfortunately offer mediocre fashion.  Because there’s a plethora of social media boutiques, fashion hunters have to take the time and scroll deep into Instagram to find a unique look, and ya’ll ain’t got time for that – but we do! Fashion is our business, and of course we did the dirty work so you wouldn’t have to. Below are 10 Instagram boutiques you must check out! Let’s get it started!

Nichole Lynel – Price Range – $50-$200

Don’t visit this boutique unless you’re trying to turn heads wherever you go!  Nichole Lynel offers modish looks that ooze style.  Almost every fashion piece on her IG page/website is a jaw dropper!

Grass Fields – Price Range $25-$150

Spice up your wardrobe with picturesque looks from Grass Fields.  If you’re into popping, colorful looks for moderate prices, this is your boutique!

Front Row – Price Range – $90-$200

If edgy and modish is your mode of operation, then look no further than Front Row.  This jazzy boutique offers one=of-a-kind pieces that will surely turn your wardrobe up a notch.

Washington Ave – Price Range – $20-$120

Vintage never look cooler than it does at Washington Ave.  If you’re in the market for a hip vintage store, this is your place.  From colorful crop sweaters, to lime green rompers – they’ve got the funk!

Swank Blue – Price Range – $25-$200

If you’re a trendy shopper, Swank Blue is your type of hype.  Visit this store and get a similar Kim Kardashian look or a bold graphic tee that says exactly what you’re thinking.

Coal and Terry Vintage – Price Range – $20-$300

Bet you never thought you could shop where the Queen shops huh?  Think again!  Coal and Terry has the vintage, distressed denim we all love and the cool vintage tees like the Fila one Bey is sporting.  And to top it all off, their prices are reasonable too.  Check them out pronto!

Tongoro Studio – Price Range – $50-$350

Now this is abstract fashion!  These beautiful designs by Tongoro Studio are absolutely breathtaking!  If prints tickle your fancy, then this boutique is your haven.

Now that you have the style scoop on a few faddish Instagram/Online boutiques, which store will you be checking out?  Do you have any favorite boutiques we need to keep our eyes on?  Let us know below!
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