Hey Y’all,
Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I’m sure a lot of you are heading home soon for the holidays (if you haven’t already). I just moved to Paris, so I’m going to hang around here and eat an extra pain au chocolat for you! Since a lot of you won’t be checking in, I’m giving you this week in chic a bit early:


Happy Turkey Day:)

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week in Chic: Gabrielle, Christina, Meagan and more!”

  1. OMG I did NOT know u actually MOVED to Paris! I thought you were just visiting! That is crazy! I am so happy for you Claire. I’m not sure why you’re out there hopefully u r pursuing your passion (which we all know is Fashion). Now that I’m getting older I’m wishing that I would’ve just said F it and just do certain things…like move across the country to purse a dream or something crazy like that. Anway enough rambling…I am luvin Lauren London’s dress. I’m not sure about the shoes w/ it but the dress is Haute as hell! ;)

  2. I’m in love with Gabrielle Union’s dress. She looks perfect.

    Love Keri’s sweater. The haircut is almost growing on me. Sported that in 8th grade and was teased mercilessly.

    As for your move to Paris, I admire you! I’m plotting my own escape as the Wanderlust is becoming all-consuming and my distaste for NYC is growing by the day.

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