Super Sweet 16 Alum Teyana Taylor flexed her fashionable chops, styling herself for her next Single Cover:



Apparently she’d like her fans to pick the winning shot. What do you think of her stylistic skills?


8 thoughts on “Teyana Taylor Self Styles for Single Cover”

  1. i like teyana taylor, i’ve seen her in real life and shes real low key, and low maintanance. However i want to know who weaves her hair because when i saw her she was rocking the “pebbles” hairdo. Second i just really want her to be careful with her lip colors/or the way she holds her mouth because it makes her look like she has a mustache at times.

  2. She did a fab job! I like the one with her sitting on top of the ice cream freezer the best. But I agree with Loni, those lashes in the bikini top pic ARE tragic :/

  3. I like the first one! Also I want to know about her weave. Its summer time and that would be sick to rock!!! I say a weave discussion would be great :)

  4. I think Teyona is gorgeous! She has the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen- wish I had it like that! I like the first one. Nice job styling- remembering from her Super Sweet 16 show she had good style too.

  5. my vote is for the 1st or 4th hpic! And yes her lashes in the 2nd pic are horrific!!

  6. i love teyana but i agree with MoMo she needs to watch the lips. she doesnt wann look drag queen ish. lol. but imm go with the 4th one its more laid back and chic.

  7. I love her! I like the pic with her in the white jeans. I agree, I am feeling her hair. I just shaved my hair off and I think I will get that wig to rock when the mood hits.

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