Fashion Week means tons of events, and our Fashion Bomb celebs have been out on the town!
Let’s take a look at what they wore on and off the red carpet and front rows:

Rihanna Lace Sunglasses

Rihanna showed up for a House of Hype Dinner wearing lace sunglasses, suede heels, and what appears to be a sequined, embellished jumpsuit. We have lots of love for Rih Rih on the Bomb, but this particular look makes me go hmm…the outfit is definitely unique, but we’re not 100% sure it’s the most flattering…


Amber Rose also went for the onesie look for a Persona Magazine event, rocking a silver low cut ‘Kill Bill’ like jumpsuit and what is now becoming her signature albino contact lenses. Frightening eyes aside, Amber knows what works for her in the wardrobe department. That said,  I’d love to see her switch it up a bit with maybe a pair of flowing high waist pants or billowing top.  It doesn’t all have to be skin tight or spandex..hmmm….

Kelly Rowland Amerie

Kelly Rowland and Amerie were spotted in Bryant Park wearing age appropriate short dresses with fun heels. Rising style star Amerie looks hot in her floral number, studded belt, and ankle strap sandals, but something about Kelly Rowland’s choice reminds me of She by Sheree hmm…..


Lastly, the Simmons sisters went for vamp at Charlotte Ronson’s show, wearing sophisticated all black outfits accented by strong red lips and cascading necklaces. The sisters are truly growing up beautifully, looking unquestionably hot with each camera flash.
What do you think?
Stay tuned tomorrow for an MTV Video Music Awards red carpet run down and even more show reviews!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Hot! or Hmm… : Amber, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, and more!”

  1. i would like each of rihanna’s pieces separately. all at once looks like a bit much…i agree, amber should do something different. you know less crotch rotting. her figure is sick, but her style is the same, skin tight! and the rev’s girls are cute…follow me on twitter…msebbie09

  2. kelli r. and the simmons ladies look great, amber r wht! and rhianna im tired of her lol

  3. Rhianna looks dope..she’s eating good now too.. Amber tries to hard.. Kelly looks cute, but Amerie’s print is a lil old
    lady-ish like her career, The Simmons sister look very classy, and mature.. its a different look for them.

  4. I’m really tired of Amber Rose’s look … signature looks are so boring, I mean at least switch it up once in a while to break the monotony! I agree, Rihanna’s pieces are nice but not together .. why would you want to mix lace, suede and sequins in one outfit … together it’s just all looking too busy to me! That aside, the Simmons sisters and Amerie look ravishing!

  5. Rihanna is officially trying too hard, and that makes her so lame. No comment on Amber. Kelly, Amerie and the Simmons sister are killing it!

  6. Rhianna is doing it with the lace glasses. Ha! For some reason I like the outfit. She is even smiling almost.

    Amber, it’s over you almost had me fooled. You just a regular chick with some dough and it’s showing now. Whack! BTW, I am starting to see why ciggies are bad for you and your skin. I guess her greasiness is beginning to cheapen the look.

    Kelly and Amerie do look like nice young, but grown women. I can’t stand to see twenty somethings dressed like teenagers even if they have the body.

    I don’t like the Simmon’s sisters look, but Angela’s jacket is hot. The back is cut out.

  7. NO!JUST NO-Rihanna and Amber.kelly and the simmons sisters look like thier going to a funeral

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