I just got back from the Redbull Space at 40 Thompson Street for She by Sheree’s first Fashion Week presentation!

I ran up to the venue (fashionably late of course), and was met by a crush of people anxiously anticipating the Real Housewife’s New York debut:

Shey by Sheree New York Atmosphere

The place was packed to the gills with fashionistas, stylists, bloggers, editors, and fans of Sheree and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sheree presented the collection in stages, with groups of 3-5 girls showing items for half hour intervals. Take a look:

She by Sheree Fashion Show New York

Sticking to a color palette of gray, black, royal blue, and yellow, Sheree offered viewers slinky dresses with ruched sides and cut out back details, high waisted wide legged pants, and cowl neck tanks worn with tulip pleated shorts.

She by Sheree New York Fashion Week.jpg

Using lace, satin, light weight wool, and a bit of leather, she fashioned a line suited for a thirty something who stays on the social circuit, and needs a plethora of interesting outfits for hosting or hitting the town:

Shey by Sheree New York Atmosphere

While the vision and design aesthetic were sound, Sheree’s collection still suffered from slightly poor construction and questionable fabric choice:

She by Sheree New York Fashion Week.jpg

Creasing and tugging across the hips, wrinkles, and awkward draping made some of the items look much cheaper than their reported $200 and up price point. All in all, however, it was a great effort by Sheree, and here’s hoping she continues to refine her craft:

She by Sheree Models

After the show I caught up with some of my fellow attendees.

Rae Holliday Briana

I said wassup to my blogging buddy Rae Holliday of and chatted it up with BET’s Harlem Heights alum and handbag designer Briana.

Sheree Hairstylist Lawrence Real Housewives of Atlanta

Caught up with Sheree’s hairstylist Lawrence, who was working it in a pair of knee high black boots and jeweled jacket topped off with an orange Birkin Bag.

Stevie Boi She by Sheree

Finally met British import and sunglasses designer Stevie Boi (who we wrote about here) who was wearing a pair of his inventive shades with skinny cut offs and boots.

She by SHeree Atmosphere

And parlayed with a host of other fashionable folks!

I also had to dip backstage and interview the woman of the hour:

What do you think of She by Sheree’s New York debut?

33 thoughts on “Show Review : She by Sheree”

  1. Kinda dreadful!
    Kinda Played out!
    Kinda not fashionable!

    Question? Why do they all have Sheree’s stance, and why are the sides of all the garments pulling?

    Jus Asking?

  2. I definitely agree with you on the questionable fabric choices, but regardless I am happy for Sheree. Anyone who is actively pursing their dream I’m all for.

  3. I saw some other jumpsuit she had in her collection on theybf and loved that along with the black dress with lace and blue pants and lace top. I think her collection is good and obviously better than Lisa’s! LOL but I also think that she has a long way to go in terms of being a good designer! As someone who studies fashion I can see that Sheree has a lot to learn in the world of it!

    I think she’s more happy that she’s showing at NY fashion week but doesn’t get the realness of it! The ppl who show there are THEE best and it’s not about the fact that they’re showing at NY fashion week it’s about what they are showing. So if they don’t show ppl are disappointed and worried. If she didn’t show no one would have cared because she hasn’t put the work Jason Wu and Charlotte Ronson have put in to deserve to show there. I’m not trying to be rude I’m just trying to be real!

  4. I think this was an excellent first effort for Sheree.
    I do agree that she needs to be more educated on fabric choices and construction so she can IMPROVE as a fashion designer. She did go off to a great start by getting advice from Myke Stereo of Project Runway fame.

  5. It was a pretty nice effort. I will say she did a good job in light that she faced many setbacks. I also see that there is much more room to grow in the designs. Nothing stopped me in my tracks, so I really cant say that her line blew Lisa’s completely out of the water. There is work to be done with both lines. I am curious to know what Dwight said, since he spoke his mind about Lisa’s with no problem.

  6. I like the collection, even though Sheree herself is wack. Question…why are all of the interview so close-up? Is that on purpose? Its kind of distracting.

  7. Some of the pieces are nice, I’d wear them myself. Others, not so much. The thing is that I can’t get over her snooty little attitude! She’s relatively new to this, is she not? Where’s the humility?

  8. I can’t believe she let clothes go out so wrinkled like that…sorry I really had high hopes for her line, but I think she may have just embarrassed herself in a very expensive way. It takes a lot to make models look like their butts and hips are too big, but it appears she’s found a way! Maybe it was a misunderstanding as to the models’ dimensions or bad workmanship…or both. I get the feeling from the show that Sheree keeps thinking she’s going to get a couture seamstress at a bargain price…

  9. I like the color palette she chose but the looks are amateurish. It looks like she tried to copy a Rachel Roy line

  10. It was “ok”, but the items are constructed very poorly….looks like everything was done at the last minute!

  11. I’m not that impressed with She by Sheree. I was expected to see more glamorous and unexpected looks, not safe and unoriginal.

  12. Not to bad mouth Sheree, but in order to get the respect and admiration from top designers in the fashion community, she is gong to have to back track and come out swinging – this was not it!

  13. The clothes look like they were picked up at a thrift shop and no one pressed them prior to throwing them on the models. What a waste of space, there are many talented men and women who belong at NY Fashion Week, Sheree clearly does not!!!

  14. The collection was nice, but so not new .Every piece has been seen before.Not worthy of Fashion Week.

  15. I must be honest… I actually impressed (almost speechless). I think alot of people prejudged Sheree simply because of her role on the RHOA, which has made it hard to take ANY of these women seriously. However, She By Sheree [IN MY OPINION] has silenced her critics! While I think there is certainly room for improvement, I think the line is sassy, sexy and well put together. My thoughts.

  16. I think her clothes are cute, but not fashion week worthy. And some of those garments need to see a steamer! At least she did better than Lisa, who’s “Closet Freak” line needs to STAY in the closet. Hot mess indeed.

  17. what a mess ! not a HOT mess just a mess ! this is worse than walmarts ……you would see better at Kmarts ! tjMAX IS COUTURE COMPARED TO THIS CRAP

  18. The real issue here is why does she think she’s a designer?? Please…. do any of you people watch “Project Runway?” A real designer has years of experience, draws the designs, fits the models and sews, etc, etc …especially in the first show. Anyone with any fashion sense can do what she did….having someone else do it all for her and taking the credit?? Come on! I think this is ridiculous and laughable….I think she has a lot of cojhones to call herself a designer.

  19. I wish her talent was as big as her mouth. No substance. Poor seams, cheap material, and lots of wrinkles. Hang it up She Ray. Your collection stinks.

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