“Shop in Bloomingdales for Prada bags/Female Don Dada has no problems spittin cream with my team/It’s straight like nine fifteen, na mean?/Cruise the diamond district with my biscuit/Flossin my rolex rich/Sh*t, I’ma stay that b*tch”–Lil Kim, “Queen B*tch”

Hey Guys!
A day of rest put me back in fighting form! I’m ready to take on this week’s style file with an intervention that’s almost looong overdo. I decided to look at the style (or lack thereof) of diminutive ex convict, and female rapper…

Lil Kim

Lil Kim!
She loves sexy clothing, but seems to go a bit overboard with the T&A in frocks that neither complement her body nor play up her positive attributes. She’s gotten a lot better over the years. She used to literally let it all hang out…

…in scraps of ill placed fabric that screamed ‘LOOK AT ME!’ She lacked even a shred of modesty back then, but a short stint in the clinker seems to have made her a tad more refined.
Now, instead of sporting pasties, fishnets, and short shorts, she wears clothes that actually cover her bottom. Nevertheless, she’s a few steps away from looking like a sophisticated ‘don dada.’ Let’s take a look:
Kim’s a huge proponent of showing off her well sculpted assets, but wears dresses and tops that don’t allow her to wear proper support…

…leaving her bubbies sagging woefully towards the ground. If exposing her chest isn’t enough, she also enjoys flashing other goodies…

…not realizing that she’s not getting any younger, and only the stick thin can pull certain looks off. The little chains over the cut outs of this body skimming dress only accentuate her flaws and visually pack on the pounds.
Sometimes, just sometimes, she actually gets it sort’ve right…

This denim trench is somewhat chic, and the stiletto boots add some much needed height…

This dress sticks to the Lil Kim spandex aesthetic, but you don’t see her bubbies flying out all over the place. Plus the skirt is a respectable knee length, and her pumps play up her legs…

This v-neck white dress has thick straps to conceal a supportive bra and a hem that goes *gasp* past the knee…

..and this top provides lots of much needed coverage while still keeping it cute with ruffles, puffs, and bows.
If you’re short and petite, but still like a bit of a sexy swagger, try the following hot items:

Top Row: OC by Oleg Cassini Belted Shirtdress, $120, http://www.dillards.com/; Shape fx® 2-Way Stretch Control Sheath, $69, http://www.spiegel.com/.
Bottom Row: Sara Berman Frilly Sleeve Top, $90, http://www.nordstrom.com/; Christian Louboutin Pigalle Graffiti Pumps, $675, http://www.barneys.com/.
The dresses are tight, yet they reserve a bit of modesty. And stilettos are a must!
PS Lil Kim’s latest project also happens to be my fave song of the moment:

…loves it! All of the ladies in this video could use a bit of a Style Intervention…but I’ll save that for a future post:)
PSS If you’re in love with the Yves Saint Laurent Muse Bag

…but don’t have $1395 laying around to shell out for it, reader Marlie alerted me to this Banana Republic Somerset large satchel

…that looks similar and is a relative steal at $228. Get the look for less ladies!!!
PSS For those wondering, Rihanna is indeed rocking the $675 Pigalle graffiti pumps from above in this pic…

I tried em on and they’re hot!!! Get ’em at Barneys or Christian Louboutin stores.

7 thoughts on “StyleFile Intervention Edition: Lil Kim”

  1. you are right about her fashion evolution i just wish she never hit the knife..I was watching her JM get money video she was so pretty then….

  2. I just feel so sorry for her and is there really an evolution? She still looks trashy to me.

  3. haha I love your Style Intervention feature…the first thing she needs to do is stay away from plastic surgery…her face is starting to look crazy


  5. I totally agree with you about Lil’ Kim’s style intervention, however, in reference to the “Let It Go” video I’m totally feeling that purple leather jacket Keyshia Cole was rocking but other than that everyone else did look kind of foolish.

  6. I love Kim but hate her surgeon! How in the world do fake boobs sag? I thought the whole point was to not only make them larger but permanently perky. LOL She needs to learn that a little less is okay and that she ain’t tight enough to show everything. Even if she was, it would still be TACKY! If I ever meet her, I’m making her submit to natural (i.e. NOT pasty white and spider lash covered) makeup and chic/fitted (but not sausage casing tight) gear. She simply cannot keep walking ’round looking like a broke stripper. I thought Marc Jacobs was her HOMIE….can’t he help? Geez!

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